Self-Slicing Tomatoes

Yes, we all know about the YoshiBlade. Yes, we know that it can slice a tomato without squeezing all the juice out of it first. But what if you didn’t have to slice tomatoes? (Gasp!) Yes, you heard me folks, but I’ll say it again anyway. What if you didn’t have to slice tomatoes? If they were just genetically altered so that when you press down on the stem, the tomato falls apart into neatly sliced pieces? No more complaining about cut fingers! Think of it! No juice lost? Wow! Just press the button and the little veggie (or is it a fruit?) falls into pieces, just like all your other kitchen appliances!

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  1. My tomatoes are half way there! When they grow, they get these little cracks on the side… It’s due to the heat of our horrible summers or something like that, I think. Unfortunately, while they may actually split if you pressed on the top, it wouldn’t be anywhere neat nor would you cease to lose a lot of juice.

    And I’m pretty sure tomatoes are considered fruits…


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