On the Subject of Dreams…

My father has a theory about dreams. He says that they are just instant information downloads, sort of. The dream you remember is your memory of how that information was put together. So you actually experience the whole dream in less than a second, but reflect on it afterward when you are awake as a story. It’s strange, but it’s interesting. It’s based on the fact that one of his dreams was “interrupted” by a siren. When reflecting on that dream, it seemed that all the time, the dream had been leading up to this conclusion, e.g. a siren interrupting. For that reason he concluded that dreams are concentrated in a pinpoint of information, what you’re seeing, smelling, feeling, and hearing all at once (I don’t usually taste in dreams, but you might). Not all dreams might be like this, however. It’s just a theory about some.

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  1. I’ve always thought of dreams as more of a long thought-process. Never really thought about it more in-depth much, though. I do have a story in the back of my head somewhere about dreams, though…

    • Why are you commenting on all these? And why am I replying?

      • I was very, very bored. And I decided it would be funny if I found your first post, but since you don’t have an archive widget, as far as I can see, the only way I could find it was just by scrolling through all of your posts… which means, I clicked on anything I thought mildly interesting. That also means that I have an entire window in Google Chrome open with tabs about as wide as my pinky finger of more posts I have to read and comment on… so watch out. Here comes Shim! Again! Hehe.

        Why are you replying? I dunno. I half figured you’d just ignore me.

      • I’m replying because I enjoy your company, and by commenting I drive my own stats up. It’s pretty awesome.

      • That’s nice to know… It does sound pretty awesome. *grins*

      • I wish I was awesome enough to spam your blog like this, but honestly, I can’t think of things to say to normal people’s posts.

      • That’s where the saying, “just smile and nod” comes from. Hehe, that’s why I sometimes say random slightly-boring things or just reiterate half of what your posts are. To be honest, I’m not really even sure how I would respond to my own posts, either…

      • How about this? “Hehe.”

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