Song of the Week

A song is a piece of music with words, a piece is a musical work without words. So saying, here is my favorite song for this week, by my favorite band, VJ Manzo and Clear Blue. It’s called Laxadaisy. Go to this link and click on the second item on the list to the left to hear it:

Music & Lyrics by V.J. Manzo


There is promise
off in the night
though in the darkness
everything will be right

and I will remember
there is a day
that leads to forever
and truth will light the way

through the resistance
I wait for the dawn
to conquer the distance
as life carries on and on

and after all is through
I will remember you

Face the conditions
looking for light
to question existence
wishing the dull was bright

but when you’re with me
life is alive
finally mystery
where there was only life

and as I live in truth
I will remember you

and if my life falls apart
and I am on my own
there is a light in the dark
and I am not alone

no matter what comes tonight
you will be by my side
though everything may be wrong
everything will be right

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