Brainstorming Block

I can’t think up anything to write! Does this mean I have writer’s block? It’s a first, actually. So I’ll write about it. Ha! Look at this, writer’s block! I can write without you! I don’t need you anymore! Ahhh. That’s better. Now that that’s over with, let’s get to writing about writer’s block. As I said before, I’ve never really had it before, except that one time when I had to write out a set of notes for an extemporaneous impromptu speech. That really ought to be called “Brainstorming block”, because it doesn’t really interfere with your writing. Look at me– I’m writing like crazy about something writer’s are supposed to fear. I was brimming with ideas yesterday. Just look at my… um… I’ll get back to you. Actually, everything I wrote yesterday was the result of long meditation on the subject(s). So actually, I haven’t had a new idea since this morning. I just don’t want to put it on this blog. Sorry. Anyway, Brainstorming Block only blocks the ideas flooding in, not the ability to write about them. If you are physically able to write, then you can write, but it might not always be any good. I mean, look at me– at least half of what I write is crazy. Including that last sentence. And that last one. And that last… never mind. And that… I’ll stop. For your sanity’s sake.

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  1. *is amused again*


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