Stories and Actions

As my sister watched the movie Nim’s Island today, we reached the part where Nim must make a deep dive underwater. As she watched, my sister took a deep breath in perfect synchronization with the character. It was an unconscious melding of the two characters: the fictional Nim and the very much more real (and very much more dry) sister. There was absolutely no point in taking that breath, but Sis felt she needed to do it. Why, I don’t know. Or as she would say, “Y, IDK”. I know I’ve done the same thing in particularly gripping books or movies. I’ve taken a deep breath, moved my face into the character’s facial expression, tensed for action. What’s really funny is when someone else notices. “Uh, Mom, Liam’s making faces while he reads. I think he’s mad at the book.” These unconscious actions are even in stories, for example, that overused line, “He let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.” All of this is just a thought in our minds: If I take a breath right now, I can help [Character’s name here] hold his/her breath longer. It’s ridiculous, but somehow it gets us immerses us farther into the story. [Mental shrug]

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  1. Hm.
    I never actually noticed that before. Except when my brother plays video games.
    Although my dad always notices it when I play Fallout. He says I look like I’m *actually* going to murder someone. No one comments on it when I read, though >.< Maybe I just don't have very much connections with characters. That sucks. v_v

  2. My brothers tend to lean to the side when they’re playing video games and making their characters turn, or stand up when they’re in a battle, or something like that. I’m pretty sure I’ve done the same.

    My dad caught me glaring at the computer once when I was writing an argument between two characters and asked me if I was okay…


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