Fanatics and Readers– Two Remarkably Different Species

Yesterday I was talking with my sister (yes, the same one) about the difference between fanatics (fans) and readers of books. She was saying something like, “All the other fans of Heather Vogel Frederick already have at least two copies of her newest book and I don’t even have one!” That, I told her, was because she isn’t a fanatic. She claimed she was, so I gave her the definition of a fanatic, then the definition of a reader. (By the way, these both apply to books only, not to NFL or some such fancy.)

Fanatic: Someone who loves an author so much, he/she would pre-order five copies of [book that has yet to come out] three years in advance, travel halfway across the country to get those books signed and speak briefly with the author, and advertise their extremely bad spelling by commenting on that same author’s blog, all for the sake of liking a book.

Reader: someone who reads the book (surprise,surprise), likes it, might write a review, recommend it to their friends or even buy it (if it is really good).

As you can see, these two definitions are drastically different. Let it be known that I have never been a fanatic for anything whatsoever, but have kept a clear head in all circumstances. [Quit laughing, Sis.]

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