Beethoven, Subway and Sheepish

This is a post of pure randomness. But first, a word about Beethoven.

You were right, Schroeder! I shall never doubt you again when you say that Beethoven is a genius! Why not, you may ask? Because Beethoven is a genius, unlike some who call him Beet Oven. Why this sudden attack of Beethoven respect? Because he deserves it! Last night I was playing bass in my youth orchestra. We as an orchestra were playing Beethoven’s Creatures of Prometheus (except some of the horns, which may have been playing the William Tell Overture). And no, his creatures aren’t only vultures. Anyway, I was struck by how many different parts of the piece seemed to never be able to work together. Then, of course, I was proved wrong. Beethoven has done it again! He took four or five different themes and squashed them together into the same song in ways where they never should have worked. And of course, they did. Brilliant, Ludwig, brilliant.

Backtracking now to before the orchestral cacophony, for dinner last night I had Subway subs. How original. But it wasn’t this that made it worthy of posting. No, something much greater happened. Unfortunately. I was asked by a Subway worker, “Why are you looking at me?” Now, this is not something you would hear every day. And something I probably will not hear again. So that in itself makes it worthy of posting.

By the way, that was the start of the randomness. Our next topic on the show today is the popular song, “99 bottles of beer on the wall”. Now, don’t take this the wrong way. I don’t follow what is said in the song. It’s just that this morning, my sister (yes, the same one) was singing “99 bottles of POP on the wall.” Now, where we are, you don’t say pop, you say soda. But this disrupts the soothing rhythm of the song. (I know, you’re asking, “Soothing? Rhythm?” Just bear with me.) Instead of this obviously wrong version, I have made up my own, better, version. It’s called “99 bottles of Mountain Dew carbonated soft drink on the wall”. Yes, this is definitely better. Just try singing it and your sanity will fly out the window without a backward glance.

Next comes a study of the word sheepish. Does this word come from the way our faces look when we look “sheepish?” Maybe we look like sheep. I wonder if counting sheepish people works just as well as counting sheep…

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  1. Um…okay then.

    I like the word sheepish. It’s fun to say.


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