Okay, I’m sorry about all the picture posts I’m doing… I’m just finding more and more pictures that I feel the need to share with you! I have no idea why. None of you care, anyway. I haven’t gotten a comment in at least twenty-four hours! I thought people liked me! Notice the use of the past-tense of ‘like’. Anyway, here is a picture I took of a LEGO guy at our piano.

A LEGO Tusken Raider at the piano. What's he playing? Use your imagination (if you have one).

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  1. Lol. The no-comments-for-as-much-as-72-hours thing happens. As does the oh-my-god-how-did-it-go-from-60-views-to-eleven thing. But you’ll get used to it(:
    Nice picture(:

    • You’d be amazed at what you can do with a digital camera, a LEGO guy, the right lighting, and of course, a $3000 piano. No picture can be good without the piano.

  2. It’s obviously Chopin’s Ballade No. 1 in G Minor Op. 23. How did you not know that?

    • Oh, yeah, I forgot. They do like their Chopin. But I believe, actually, that this particular guy likes his Tchaikovsky: May: White Nights, from the Seasons. The Chopin was being used up by the other guy with the carrots.

  3. Robyn Hoode

     /  March 5, 2013

    Picture’s gone. Can you put it back up?

  4. Welp. I can’t see any of the pictures. My fault for waiting two years to read through this thing.

  5. Hmph. I wish I got comments every twenty-four hours. I probably would need to post more often for that to be possible, though.

    *can’t see image* *is annoyed at error message popping up instead*


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