Hunger-Games-Induced Stupor

Okay, here comes another random post from a random life. Last night I had a dream. Real thought-provoking stuff, isn’t it? Wait ’til you hear what it was. I was in a Hunger Games sort of place. I think I was actually in the Hunger Games, as Katniss. Yes, I have gender confused dreams. Anyway, it was a different Games than the ones I’ve read about so far. (I’ve only gotten through Catching Fire. Our library doesn’t even have Mockingjay yet. Don’t give away the story, please.) I’ll refer to Katniss as Katniss, since it’s so confusing to think that I was a girl. There was this one guy who shot arrows that reacted in some way with their skin (she had a partner at this point– someone older than Rue, but younger than Katniss). I think Katniss wanted to get the bow. Anyway, the guy ran out of arrows and came at them with a vine. Yeah, I know, real scary. But the weird thing was, since Katniss had no bow, she had a club. So, Katniss and the enemy face off, club against ivy.Like I say, this is a weird dream. Now that I’m writing it down, it seems even weirder. Well, Katniss’s club gets caught in the vine, and the enemy stands there strangely, maybe trying to think up some great line to send Katniss to her doom with. Then, I, thinking I was Katniss, kick him. Unfortunately, I did this in real life, too, so all it did was make me look silly, even in my own eyes. Thankfully, nobody watches me while I sleep. And with that kick, I had traversed the line from ridiculous unconsciousness into  ridiculous wakefulness. So, this is my mind. It felt so thrilling and real at the time… Poor deluded child. I’d feel sorry for me if I wasn’t me. Am I going farther than insane? Or am I already there?

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  1. the second book is really good, but the third is such a let down. Just a heads up.

  2. Last week, I had a dream I was a secret agent,

      • Yup. I had to make the principle of a school eat a salad that was filled with things he didn’t like. But I couldn’t just force him to eat it, I had to trick him into doing it himself. And after he did eat it, he…disintegrated or something.

        I’m pretty sure the dream was inspired by the fact that I had been reading The Mysterious Benedict Society at the time, and that my mom is trying to get us to have more vegetables with our meals. Maybe also that my little brother refuses to eat anything green—unless it’s green frosting. I have no clue where the disintegrating part came from, though.

      • …Huh. Interesting.

      • I’d use the word “strange”, but, yeah. Then again, I always have strange dreams, so I guess it was actually pretty normal for me. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the guy hadn’t disintegrated, though…

      • Indeed.

      • That way, I sound just plain crazy rather than schizophrenic.

        Though, maybe not, because the actual definition of schizophrenic really doesn’t have anything to do with split/multiple personalities.

      • Indeed.

      • (Ugh, it did it again! Kindly ignore the second comment, it went to the wrong post…bleh.)

      • No problem.

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