The Death of the Brain

I feel completely brain-dead. And when that happens, I like to turn my fingers over to my subconscious and just write. Crazily, insanely, in the style of a professed lunatic, yes, but still, if it works, it works. So, here I go.

This headache sprang from an hour of Monopoly (yes, same game) and another hour of algebra. Well, it came before the algebra, so I let myself go during the math. I barely thought through the whole thing. I’m not sure if any of my answers were right, but I don’t remember getting any wrong, so that’s fine. Al this typing is completely muscle-memory, no thinking required almost. I use enough to put commas in the right places and periods where they. belong. but, in everything else, it’s just brainless. I can’t think up the word I need to end that last sentence, so I’ll leave it there. I completely apologize if I offended anyone in the two posts I did earlier in the morning, ’cause I don’t think I was thinking straight then either. Right now, even Beethoven is getting on my nerves. Beethoven! It’s twisted like a 3 mm copper wire stuck around the axle of a car. I almost spelled “axle” as “axel” there, but I remembered, almost too late, that that’s only a name from Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth. I think. It’s windy outside today, and clear blue skies are present in abundance (though I’m not sure how there could be more than one), but it’s a mite chilly. Otherwise, this might be one of those days where my dad comes home early and says, “Load up the trailer; we’re going sailing.” And of course, having only room for two boats on that trailer, I would be left behind so that my older brother could sail. Not that I would mind much today, of course, which I just spelled “Toady”. Yes, my muscles are having a laugh at my expense. The next two sentences will be full of typos, ’cause I have no energy to correct them. Yest this is just one of those days. I would do something more productive tham this, but I can’t thinking of anything more productive, unless it’s trying to by a slide whistle case. My typographical errors senteces will now extend to the end of the post. I have no idea how long that iwll be, so you might just want to save your sanity now, and your spelling grades, and leace. I mean, lave. That is, leave. There, I said it. I’m kind of tired right now., A couple sentences back, my spellchecker approved the word “yest”. I wonder wat it means. Any clue? Clue… that’s another long game involveing lost of brains, wich I don’t have right now. I’m even clsing my eyes as I’m typing. And no, that doesn’t matter with my spelling. I mean, it doesn’t affecte the spelling. I’m tired enough that I could go to sleep and my fingers would keep typing, long into the night. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury. I’m due downstairs for more math in… [turning my head to look at clock]… two minutes,. Liam wOOD, singing of.

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  1. That…almost sounds like me. o.O


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