I-I-I… Wanna Rock and Roll All Night! And Party Ev-ery Day!

Fourth post today, I know, but if you’ve got the time, use it. And I have the time.

Today was the birthday/wedding anniversary party of the century. We invited at least thirty people, friends from church or Dad’s job. Our house was packed. Once more, I played the part of the kid-occupier while all the adults did adult-worthy things, like standing around talking, standing around eating, or sitting on needles stuck into the couches. This was the reason for the standing status quo. It was my sister’s fault. Anyway, perhaps you would like to hear of the way I entertained those little munchkins. (I’m talking about the kids here.) Now, if you cast your memory back to… let’s see… a week ago, you’ll remember that I had spent that day entertaining other little kids with balloon animals outside in biting wind. Well, today was a repeat, except for the fact that the balloons were not being formed into animals, earthworms or otherwise. All the little kids played a form of keep-the-balloon-off-the-ground by hitting the target balloons with another balloon. This occupied them for a while, until one of the parents decided it was too cold for the little ones and a two-year-old decided that balloons would pop if they touched “the bush”, which was, in fact, the ground. So, with that end to our balloon-filled play, I left those little kids and went up to join in the adult fun, minus the sitting on needles part. Immediately I was conscripted to play “evening music” on piano. Unfortunately, Beethoven was vetoed after the triple-forte part. Some people just don’t seem to be able to hear over such soothing music. Of course, the other reason for the triple-forte playing was to hide the fact that the piano was out of tune. It’s the surefire way to hide such an intonation problem, “surefire” meaning that it “sure fires at the guests’ hearing.” So, I played various songs which I had never learned (they were played by ear), and even played “Erie Canal” at the request of one of the guests. I had never heard it before he let me listen to it on his iPhone. I hope I didn’t butcher it too completely. Then, after playing Happy Birthday in a key too high for most guests and too low for the others, I was able to leave my post and get cake. Then my sister tried to soak up some of the praise still hanging around from my “performance”, and everyone promptly began to say goodbye. I played catch with two of the little ones, “catch” here meaning I try to catch them while they run screaming to their father or grandfather. Then, after almost everyone else had left, even this fun had to come to an end. So, we looked for shoes, dragged those same two kids kicking and screaming down to their mother who was waiting with open coats. I gave each little boy two leftover balloons and they kindly bestowed upon me a pirate hat which they had almost succeeded in taking home with them. Their father found out that my full name was William (yes, it is– if you don’t comment on this fact, you will be the first ever, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t comment on the post) and insisted on calling me Willy. I took this stoically and shoved him out the door. As the last person left, I gave them a Vulcan-pirate salute, consisting of a regular salute and my free hand held in the “Peace and long life, live long and prosper” gesture. Then the real party began. EVERYONE WAS GONE!!! Finally!

Partying really takes it outta ya.

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  1. That is some hard partying, my friend. Triple-forte Beethoven…entertaining little kids…yikes. That’s even worse than the time I had to sit at the Thanksgiving table for approximately three hours after the actual meal was finished because my parents were engaged in a fascinating conversation about “these teenagers today” with my great-aunt. I ended up binging on the cranberry sauce to keep myself awake.

    • Oh yeah. I think there’s a rule for parents: Wait three hours after eating before ending your conversations.

  2. Ah, little kids. Makes me wonder how in the world we were ever that annoying 🙂 I feel your pain, I’m the oldest of all my cousins(and an only child ) and every Christmas I get positioned with the 6 and unders :/ Thanks for the post!

  3. Uncle Paul

     /  January 17, 2012

    I’m still getting caught up on your blogs. Unlike your father and grandfather, I am not one to give advice. (cough, cough, cough) But, some things I know about. Try Happy Birthday in F. That key works for everyone, and you’ll play it a lot if you keep playing piano.

    • Ahahahahahaha! Thanks a lot! I’ll bear it in mind. And just a tip: if you wanted to get emails of new posts here, click on the button labeled The Snuggie Subscription, just below the quote about music. Thanks again for reading!

  4. Ahhh, parties. The bane of my existence.

  5. This is such a great post. Very relateable (relatable?). Much triple-f. Such Williamness.


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