As I said in my previous post, it is snowing outside. Of course, as with any snow day, we children (my two sisters, my brother and I) went outside to romp in the newly fallen snow. A picturesque playtime, no? But this was no ordinary playtime. The snow hadn’t begun to stick yet, so the ground was wet and muddy. Oh yippee. But that wasn’t where it ended… What in the world could we children be playing if there was no snow for snowballs or snowmen? The answer, my dear Quirk, is badminton! Yes, we were playing badminton. In the slushy snow. While quoting Monty Python. Yes, this is our brand of oddity. Then, while the snow thickened in the air, we, after breaking one of the badminton racquets (or rackets, if you prefer), decided to copy the Cleveland Browns and play football in the snow. Yeah… (We’re from Cleveland, by the way.) We failed. When the football is covered in slush and you catch the ball right in front of your nose, some of the slush spins off into the readily available target, your face. That felt terrible. Then, as a perfect end to the not-so-perfect playtime, we all went inside for nice warm cups of hot chocolate. Except… we decided to make it from scratch and it turned out as hot dark chocolate, the bitterest stuff you’ve ever tasted. And now we’re watching British football. Just another day in the life of… THE WEIRDEST WEIRDO IN HISTORY!

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  1. How wonderfully funny. Next time we get snow I think we too will give it ago and, of course, use the TPILB Extreme Badminton rules.

  2. My neighbours are weird. They seem to think that The Simpsons is vulgar, but not Monty Python.


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