Of Corny Phrases, Un-Misspelled Words and PerConWriMo

I’ve been charged by my brother to write a cello concerto for him, for cello (obviously) and piano. Now, this is harder than it looks, or sounds, but I’m sorta up to the challenge. (And, according to my spell checker, sorta is a word. Sorta.) I obviously can’t do it during November, what with NaNoWriMo going on and that taking up all my free computer time. (I have a music notation software that, for some obscure reason, only works on the computer. So I can’t just play the piano and have it write itself down. I wish it would, though.) So I will have a PerConWriMo, or Personal Concerto Writing Month. It’ll probably be in December, after my family lets me back onto the computer with newfound respect for my writing abilities. *preening*  To prepare myself for this, I just finished a half-hour practice in which I 1) played my Beethoven Sonata that I’m working on and 2) improvised for the remaining time on an eight-note theme. I couldn’t believe as I was playing this that I actually stuck to the theme the whole way through, except through a sort of development stage in between variations. I’m not really very good at that. I usually somehow lapse into the last song I heard or had stuck in my head, probably with a terrible chord progression and worse lyrics, which, while playing piano, are thankfully not heard. So, I’m pretty pleased with my music-writing right now. And I got my monthly talk with my own private music professor, who is soon to get a PhD. Way to go, VJ! And… that phrase sounded really corny.

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  1. I am impressed by your musical skills.

  2. I wrote a song for the piano once. I was so proud of it…but it sounded very…abrupt. And not in a good way. It didn’t help that I really had no clue what I was doing, and barely knew anything about the piano. (I was trying to teach myself just by staring at the keys and trying to remember some of the things I’d learned about music from when I took flute lessons.)


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