Writing Book Reviews Before You Read the Book, and Writing the Book Before You Read the Book Review

I think too much. About a week or two ago, La Stranezza said the following to me in a NaNoMail: “You thought this out far too much…You’re going to end up with a stroke or something.” I won’t say what I thought out too much, but let it suffice to say that I did, indeed, think it out too much. And I think out everything too much, so much so that I am disappointed when things don’t happen in a way that I can show off how much I thought. I got Mockingjay from the library yesterday (finally), and was already planning my book review before I hit the fifth chapter. The end of the book review, too, where I review something I hadn’t even read at the time. And something I still haven’t read. It’s going kind of slowly, due to all the writing and other reading I have to do. I’m like that one old lady from The Hollow, by Agatha Christie. She starts and continues conversations with someone before she even gets into the same room as that person. And then is terribly disappointed when that person doesn’t understand a word she is saying, because, contrary to what that lady thinks (I think her name was Lucy), that other person wasn’t a part of the conversation. That’s how I am with thoughts. I was planning out my next chapter in my novel for NaNoWriMo every night for the first week, then finally realized that I wasn’t actually following any of the guidelines I had set for the chapter. I’m following the overall outline for the plot, of course, but it’s always the spontaneity that rules the day. Or the chapter. So… that’s what’s happening in my life right now: reading Mockingjay, writing Wise (that’s the name of the novel), and overthinking things.

Oh, and I almost got Inheritance yesterday.

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  1. I think things out too much sometimes, too. And other times, I just don’t think at all.


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