Cultured Cheese?

Quirk and Liam walk in, conversing quietly by using duct tape megaphones.

Liam: I made a typographical error in my post earlier today.

Quirk: What’s a typogakafal error or whatever?

A typographical error. It’s when you make a mistake in writing.

Oh, like a typo? You make a lot of those!

Liam sighs. Yes, Quirk, a typo, since you’re so uncultured.

Uncultured? I’m the opposite of good cheese?

Never mind. I made a typo. Are you happy now?

Look, buddy, when I’m with you, I’m never happy.

The feeling’s mutual. Anyway, I made a typo. I kept calling my blob my blog, and as you know–

Which I probably don’t.

As you know, I renamed my blog my blob a while ago.

That was before I was born, so it doesn’t matter.

Liam sighs again. But it does to me. He looks out over the audience. I apologize profusely, my dear blob and my dear blob readers.

I don’t think any of your readers are blobs, actually.

The lights fade as Liam whacks Quirk over the head with his duct tape megaphone. As it swings through the air, a duck flies out.

During the blackout, voice-over: TAKE OFF MY SOCKS.

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  1. Gwendolyn Copperstone

     /  December 2, 2011


    • I agree. I was laughing a ton as I wrote this. (Quirk says that, since a ton is a weight measurement, and laughs have no mass, it doesn’t apply to laughing.) The last quote, “TAKE OFF MY SOCKS” was something I heard my sister say to my other sister as I wrote this. One sister had the other sister’s socks on. Yeah…


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