A Terrible Poem

Girls in tears,

Making smears,

Mark the years.

Over noise,

Shouts a voice,

“Girls, share toys!”




“Not my fault,

I’m worth my salt,

I wish she’d halt.”

So do we,

Instead she

Will not see.

If I could,

And I should,

I would.

Oh, for peace.

Oh, to ease.

Absence of strife,

Like a knife,

Seems to hurt,

They grow curt,

I speak once,

They call me dunce.

This reward

Is too hard.

To take?


My example,

Isn’t ample

Enough to show,

What I know.

Silence, oh!

But no.


This is a poem I thought up the other day. What’s it about? Get two little sisters and you’ll understand. The rhymes aren’t perfect, nor are the sequences of rhymes. It’s not great poetry, and I’m not a great poet. I specialize in bad poetry, usually things like that verse starting with “Instigator”. Yeah…

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  1. Gwendolyn Copperstone

     /  December 14, 2011

    Bad poetry or not, I enjoyed it. I only have one little sister, but she’s enough to drive me crazy.

  2. As did I. I have two younger sisters myself, and she makes me absolutely insane. They’re the only siblings I have, but they cause a lot of damage. I actually really liked this poem because I could so relate.


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