I wrote two short stories yesterday, and that put me in a morbid mood.

Well, no, actually, I wrote one that quickly turned morbid, which I posted here, then I wrote another one just for the fun of it. And it wasn’t fun. It turned around in the end, though.

Anyway. I’m going on vacation next Thursday, so I’m scheduling many posts, including (but not limited to) post(s) about inspiration, following the mini series on it. There may be more. I’m not sure yet. But see how devoted I am to you readers? I’m on vacation, and I sweat all week before we leave to give you reading fodder! *sigh* And most of my original followers don’t even comment anymore. *coughcoughStranezzaandCoffeecoughcough*

Anyway, I’m off to a piano recital for my sisters. See ya!

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  1. The only reason I’ve not been commenting is because I’m awesome.

  2. Gwendolyn Copperstone

     /  December 17, 2011

    Yay, this page won’t be blank of new posts! I was going to miss them. Good luck to your sisters!

  3. YOU KNOW WHAT, LIAM? I DON’T COMMENT BECAUSE I CAN’T KEEP UP WITH YOUR AWESOMENESS. But I do read *most* of your posts. You just post too much for me.

    And don’t be offended– Stranezza doesn’t comment on ANYONE’S *coughminecoughcough* blog anymore.

    • But would a comment every hundred posts be too much? I’m sorry.

      And of course. Stranezza has better things to do, like replying to my comments on his blog. I oughta stop doing that, or he’ll never come by here.

      • Alright, love, I suppose you’re right. I WILL COMMENT MORE, I PROMISE.

        And Stranezza’s “better things to do” MAKES ME ANGRY.


        And Liam– You’re amazing!<3

      • Oh, you’re so sweet.

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