It’s funny…

It’s funny… Did I already say that? Yes.

It’s funny. I made up a character named Isaac Phael with the intention of having his name be I. Phael, or I fail. The name was apt, as it turned out. But the thing was, Isaac means “laughter”. What are the chances? This guy was laughed at daily by me for a good three months. The subconscious is great.

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  1. Psssssst. I’m going to win. Just sayin’.

    Also, I love your character names. Especially Dom N. Aitte. He’s my favorite.

  2. John Hansen

     /  December 18, 2011

    That’s pretty funny and clever: “I Phael”. Like it!

  3. It sounds so biblical too.

  4. Laughter fails. Haha.

    • Basically, yes.

      …I don’t name characters like that anymore.

      • I approve.

        So how do you name your characters?

      • I pick a letter, then stab someone with a fork. Whatever comes out of their mouth comes after the first letter. Then I pick another letter to end it.

        I suppose that’s how I got a protagonist named Ywhattheq. (I think I’m kidding, but I can’t be sure.)

      • That’s…an interesting way of going about it. What if the sound someone makes when they’re stabbed is “I’m done”? No wait, that’s what you’re supposed to say before you get stabbed with a fork…

        Ywhattheq, huh? Why’d you pick q to end it?

      • Haha pun. If Shakespeare named like this, his characters would all be named Giamkilledt, or some variation thereof. Although, Romeo could be R-oh-my-O…

        I don’t know. Random letter.

      • *is proud of her pun* Hehe, I’m glad Shakespeare doesn’t use your naming technique.

        Odd, but okay.

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