I’m Back…


I know that isn’t how I normally begin a post, but it’s true.

Well. I’m back, obviously, and bursting with ideas. I’ll probably have two or three more short stories soon for you, a post or two about the best way to get ideas after NaNoWriMo takes them all away, a page with short biographies of the other Phils, and much more. Maybe. I’m not sure yet. For the first few days I’m just going to say hi to all the people who have(n’t) missed me, and remind them I’m here, whether they like me or not. Happy New Year, by the way. I probably won’t be catching up on any of your past posts, my friends, so if you want you can comment and give me links to the posts I must read at all costs.

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  1. Welcome back! I have missed your posts, actually. Happy New Year to you, too…hopefully 2012 will prove profitable and non-apocalyptic.

  2. I’m so glad your back! I missed your posts. Your new ideas sound great, and I can’t wait to read about them.
    Also, I got a blog for my birthday!! I don’t have many posts yet, but the world might end if you don’t read them. Just kidding. Here’s the link: http://lilyjenness.blogspot.com/ My mom set it up so that it’ll be ready for when I get published, so it’s kinda self-obsessed, but it’s still awesome. And it’s under my real name, in case that wasn’t obvious.
    Happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year! And please do make sure to check out Gwendolyn’s blog. It is excellent, even though it’s in it’s early stages. Hope you had a good holiday!

  4. Yaay! Liam is back! Huzzah!


  6. Now that’s something I never thought I’d see… *is amused*


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