A Stupidity Poem: Partial Insanity

This is a poem I thought up and wrote last night in the dark in a car driving an hour across our state. As most of you know, I’m no poet, but if I can write a poem without rhyming words like “Scallop” and “Dollop”, I feel all right. So here it is:

I feel tied.
Like a shoe whose laces are just a little too short for the kind of knot the owner is tying,
I feel tied.
But why?

I feel chained.
Like an extremely strong ear with a lust for blood who has been captured by hunters because he tried to steal a stuffed wallaby,
I feel chained.
Again, why?

The bonds tighten.
Like one of those blood pressure gauging things that doctors use in my check-ups being operated by a hyperactive gorilla,
They tighten.
Do I die?

Shall I expire?
Like a bottle of milk that has sat on the back of the shelf of the refrigerated section of a little-frequented grocery store for too long,
Shall I expire?
Not I.

My bonds don’t tighten; I swell.
Like an already over-inflated balloon connected to a pump without an off switch, also operated by the aforementioned hyperactive gorilla,
I swell.
But why?

My skin bursts.
Like the semipermeable membrane of an egg sitting between the white and the shell when it meets with a craft knife at a high speed,
My skin bursts.
I don’t lie.

Look at me;
I’m free
From the mind
That may bind.
What greets me
Is insanity.

I return.
Like a spring-loaded yo-yo with a string made of rubber bands that is thrown straight up,
I return.
I sigh.

For a moment,
I am free.
This is my partial


This is not written out of any experiences I have had; I just had the idea to make a poem with only a couple rhyming lines and huge similes between them. I started writing and it just popped out. It means exactly nothing.

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  1. That was… I don’t know what. A good what, whatever it is. I’d say “very enjoyable”, but that sounds kinda lame.

  2. Haha. Interesting is probably the word. Good in an odd way. You should write more poetry anyway, I liked it. 🙂


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