Fight Scenes or Originality?

I have approximately eight minutes to write a post of 500 words or more, so here I go; the topic is fight scenes, and why most of my plots don’t allow them.

Fact: I love fight scenes, when written well; the scenes in the Inheritance Cycle were great, as are many more I could think of but don’t have time to. Fight scenes when written badly, however, are horrible. I’m just throwing that out there. Anything written badly is horrible.

Fact: I like to be original. For this reason I try my utmost to make up really complex and extremely strange storylines for my writings. In Wise there are exactly… two fight scenes: one with an angry mob being shot down by arrows from above, and another that comes out of a guy’s dream. You see, in Wise I spent all my pre-NaNo time thinking up a way to get my novel to be so complex that no one would know which way it was going. This makes for a pretty good story, but little fight scenes; the twists and turns of the story are more in the intellectual side of the story, and if I stick too many fight scenes in, it’ll seem like Inheritance, where every other chapter Roran’s sacking some city or another. It got rather boring after a while. (But still, great fights.)

The beginning of Wise is actually a siege. This, you might think, would make for many, many, many scenes where people are hacking each other’s brains out. But unfortunately, no; I, stupidly, said that the army just camped outside the castle until the last day of the siege, when they rush the walls. Of course, I don’t go into this scene at all, just skimming over it. That’s one problem to fix up as I edit for real (I’m done with the read-through). So, though there is action at the beginning, there are no fights.

Let’s look at Isaac’s story now. There was one point where Isaac pushes a witch into the oven, but accidentally drops Hansel in at the same time. Then a fairy comes at them with a rubber duck and a large sword. Fight scene? No; ‘Saac runs away.

At another point in the story, an angry dwarf is throwing things at Isaac for pushing Snow White off of her table. What does Isaac do? He runs away.

In another point, Isaac and Feiron are locked many stories underground and are confronted with a triple-headed chicken. Fight? No; Feiron uses it to break free.

As I keep writing, I think I’m working toward a confrontation with Isaac with… someone else. I’m not going to tell you anything yet.

But basically, there are no fight scenes in any of the good things I’ve written. Of course, as a young Redwall enthusiast, I would always write short stories where all the good animals are fighting all the bad animals and of course, the good animals win. Now that I’m rather more keen on originality, I find that I can’t write anything with a fight scene.

Look at Small Minds; That, I can tell you, probably won’t end up in a fight between Boswick and Gene. Just saying.

But my time is up. I have 547 words and am singing off (key)… right… now!

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  1. Mello

     /  January 30, 2012

    That’s…interesting. I like writing out fight scenes personally. But then again, I like all the blood and gore. Though, I doubt mine are very predictable. The story I’m working on now (Monotony) is full of assassinations, but the intellectual twists are there a lot. So it evens out a bit. I hope so anyway.

  2. You completely ruined Inheritance for me, d***it!

  3. Great post! The Inheritance Cycle fight scenes were great. I haven’t done any fight scenes yet, mostly ’cause I know practically nothing about the moves, and I’m not convinced that I could pull off a well written one. Oh well, someday. Actually, there is this one kitchen battle scene, but I haven’t used it yet.
    Originality is an author’s greatest weapon.

  4. Erin

     /  January 31, 2012

    I aboslutely love fight scenes, except when it comes to writing them, they never turn out the way I expected them to, and then I get frustrated, and then I put away the story, and then I never finish it, and then I’m unhappy, and….well, you get the idea.

    The fight scenes in the Inheritance Cycle were the only good parts, in my opinion. (Though I did thoroughly enjoy the entire book of Eragon) Especially in Eldest. I was so bored when somebody wasn’t fighting that it took me 3 months to read that book.

      Sorry, that was a note to a friend who doesn’t want Inheritance spoiled. Did you really think so? The only good parts? Frankly, I was glad that Paolini took a different path than constant battles when Eragon, the elves and Angela did that one mission, whatever it was. I was glad of the change; basically each chapter was the same, in sequences of 3. 1: Eragon/Roran in the camp before the attack; 2: Eragon/Roran attacking, killing people, and generally destroying stuff; 3: Eragon/Roran getting orders for the next battle. I was quite glad when Nasuada was kidnapped. The book was getting boring before that happened. But all in all, it was a good book.

  5. Erin

     /  January 31, 2012

    Hm…I don’t remember that mission. It’s been awhile since I read the book.
    I think I will include a warning sign too.
    I guess why I hated the book so much was because of three main reasons: 1) I hated Roran with a passion; 2) the whole thing with Eragon getting healed and basically transforming into an elf made me so mad; 3) Eragon and Arya’s love relationship was really getting frustrating. I wanted to yell out “Okay Paolini – you made Roran act like a complete idiot and madman while he’s fighting. Oh, and if you didn’t want Eragon to end up with a painful scar on his back, then he should have never given it to him in the first place! And I had a perfect picture of how Eragon looked in my mind and then you decide to alter his features to make him look more Elvish. And just have Ayra either kiss Eragon and say ‘I love you’ or kill her off.”

    Oh well, those are just my opinions. I will say though that Brisingr is much better, and I have yet to read Inheritance. And Eragon was a very good book.

    • I, for one, thought the transformation was good. Roran had too much time in the spotlight, but he was a good character. And yes, the relationship was strange, but I think it all worked out in the end. If you have any specific questions for discussions, NaNoMail me at dragonfirehurts, on the YWP site or the regular site, whichever you prefer.

  6. Erin

     /  February 1, 2012

    I think why I hated Roran so much was because I’m a girl, and he was such a tough and manly guy and….yeah, I just didn’t like him.
    I’m still waiting to read Inheritance to see how the story all ends before I make any more negative remarks. (I do know how the relationship turns out though, and who the next Dragon Rider is). Just please tell me Paolini officially ended the series with this book. It got kind of annoying when it was originally supposed to be a trilogy, and then ended up consisting of four books.


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