In Which I Ramble and Muse

A couple things today to talk about.

1: Music. Though I haven’t posted on music in a very long time, I’m still up to my neck in it. My family has one concert a week that I, my brother, or my older younger sister (or a combination) are playing in. For example, my brother and I played our respective instruments (cello for my brother and for myself, bass) in an all-Beethoven concert just last Sunday. The music was Beethoven’s 5th and 6th symphonies, as well as his 4th piano concerto. The pianist was extremely good, and what should I say about the composer himself that I haven’t already said? Beethoven is a genius. Next week is my sister’s concert, in which they are playing various pieces that I haven’t bothered myself to find out the names of, and my brother is playing the next week in his youth orchestra concert. They are playing mostly chamber music pieces, including a Shostakovitch quartet played by the entire string section. Then the winds and brass are playing their own pieces, which I don’t know the names of.

2: I’m not really sure, so I’ll ramble a bit. I finished Ben-Hur this morning. It’s a great book.

I finished the first stage of editing Wise yesterday, which was the read-through. I think the next step is to start cutting, but I’m not sure. If any of you have any tips for a first-time editor, I’d love to hear them. (I might not follow them, but I’ll pretend I love them. I’m good at pretending.)

I’m thinking of giving a special post to each of my Phils, in which they describe themselves, the story that they may or may not be in, and their favorite Phil-worthy saying. They’re the Philosophers; you ought to hear something philosophic out of their mouths.

I’m kinda stuck on how Boswick is going to try to get famous. Any ideas? I really have no clue.

I still have approximately 200 words left to write before I finish my post. I don’t know why, but I’ve decided that with one post a day, each post ought to be 500 words.

For that reason, I shall write about something I just referred to: one post a day.

There is a group of bloggers going around WordPress that participate in PostADay. I considered joining this when I started my blog, but I decided against it. I considered it again just today. The point of the challenge is to post once a day. The reasons for my refusing membership are these: One, I like to be irresponsible. Now, this isn’t as bad as it sounds; what I mean is that, though I want to have one post a day, I don’t want to be held responsible by some higher authority like WP for not posting. For instance, if I suddenly find out that I’m going on a week-long trip to Siberia and don’t have time to schedule posts ahead of time– what do I do then? I don’t have a smartphone or laptop all to myself that I could use to post from Siberia; for all I know, they don’t have Wi-Fi there, and I don’t have one of those hotspot things. (I’m terribly old-fashioned for a teenager. Heck, I told my family that my favorite set of clothes to have would be a purple three-piece suit with suspenders. Is this normal? I don’t think so. And I revel in it.) So what would I do? I would have to apologize to WP and they would delete my blog forever, and I would have to go to Blogger and make another one there, but I hate Blogger (no offense, anyone; I know I have many followers with Blogger accounts). So, by signing up for PostADay, I would forfeit my blog on WP and have to go to Google, groveling in the dirt. So that’s one reason why I don’t want PostADay.

The second reason is this: the stupid rule of having all of your posts during that year tagged “PostADay 20__”. That, to me, is stupid. I don’t like too many tags, as is obvious by my use of approximately 8 tags per post. So if I put the PostADay tag on all my posts, I would have an average of 9 tags, which is, frankly, unacceptable.

Well, there it is: word count 724. See ya.

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  1. Good luck on all the various concerts!
    Ideas for Boswick: He could become a famous bank robber. He could try to save random people and/or celebrities, thereby becoming a hero. He could try to become a rock and/or movie star. He could invent some new, revolutionary product, be it by accident or on purpose. He could try to become the first person to travel all the way around the world on the back of some animal, or in some strange vehicle like warp-powered tricycles you mentioned in a previous post. He could write a really good or really bad novel.
    I know I couldn’t do PostADay. I’d rather spend that time writing, or doing homework. Well, I don’t want to do the homework, but it is sadly required of me. I’m not a big fan of blogger either. I don’t hate it, but it can get annoying. For instance, it was only with in the past few weeks that they added a comment reply button.

    • I’m thinking about Boswick constantly, and I know what will happen eventually, but I don’t know how he can get there. The problem is, he’s eighty-four and needs a quick way to fame, so he can’t really write a novel, rob banks, become a star, or even travel around the world on a warp-driven tricycle. But I’ll think something up.

  2. Good luck! Blogger is terrible as well. I had to use it for a project, and the box you’re supposed to post in is so TINY. Anyway. If you’re still editing, just start editing. I’m not a big fan of the “fifteen drafts where you only work on commas in one, and content in three stages on the others”. I just edit. Of course, that makes me take a long time…. So you pick.

    • I just spent half an hour cutting useless scenes, many of which were inspired by YWP dares from the Dare Machine. Fun scenes, but useless. I’d like as many tips as I can get.


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