Sebase’s Phil Post

I suppose I must talk about myself. I hate doing that. Can’t I just talk about you, and make up lies about you? No? Okay…

I’m Sebase, and I’m a traveling player from Wise. I’ve been all over the kingdoms of Dolor’Thien and Thoris’Thien, as well as more kingdoms that Liam didn’t care to name. My time is that unnamed time period that the Lord of the Rings, the Inheritance Cycle, and the Narnia part of the Chronicles of Narnia have all taken place in. I’m a traveling player, which means I travel and play. I live off of the generosity of kind folks such as you, as well as what I can steal– I mean, borrow. I’ve worked at almost any job, but have stuck with being a traveling player due to being kicked out once the money starts disappearing. I was thrown out of my home at age sixteen after a wall was demolished by a farmer’s ox that had been loosed on me because a couple of geese went missing from his yard. I didn’t do it, really; I only took the chicken, not the geese! I am quite wise in the ways of the world, as is obvious by my status of a traveling player (most players don’t survive past their first year if they can’t fend for themselves), as well as my elevated position among the Phils.

What else would you want to know about me? My favorite color is purple. My favorite character from a book of this world is Dustfinger, from Inkheart (he’s just what a traveling player ought to be. Without the nobility, though; you don’t live for long if you care about friends). My best Phil-worthy phrase is “I think everyone should be executed except me.” That’s from the second-to-last chapter of Wise. My favorite Phellow Phil is the old lady, who I almost ran over once. My favorite TV show is the one I would star in if I starred in any TV show. My favorite thing about this world is iTunes, where you can listen to and learn any song without having to search out the composer. That and electric guitars. Those are wicked.

I don’t know what else you adoring fans could possibly want from me, except perhaps this little excerpt from Wise that was my first entrance into the story: Excerpt #2 from Wise. Terribly obvious title, isn’t it?

Oh well. I think either Feiron or Phoenix has a post next, but you don’t care about them, do you? You’re all too loyal to me. G’bye.

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  1. Nice post! I seem to have one recurring question for you Phils: how do you pronounce your name? Is it ‘see-base’? ‘se-base’? ‘Se-bossy’? ‘see-base-y’? I think I’m stretching it a bit on the last two.


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