The Lost Hero: A Review


Good. I’m bored already. This is kind of messed up, I know; I did my review for The Son of Neptune before I did The Lost Hero. Oh, well. Let’s use that new review template thingy!

The Lost Hero is a fantasy about Jason Grace, a son of Zeus/Jupiter who wakes up on a bus with no idea who he is. When Jason finds that Hera/Juno has been captured by Mother Earth, he goes on a quest with his friends Piper and Leo to set her free. But when Piper tells them that her daddy has been stolen by a giant, Jason must now free Piper’s daddy by killing the giant, as well as free Hera/Juno from the earth in spite of the fact that they only have one day to do all this.

That was okay, I suppose. It’s better like this:

Jason wakes up with three friends, Piper, Leo and amnesia, on a bus to the Grand Canyon. While surveying the view, one of their supposed classmates (a storm spirit) locks them outside and tries to kill them, but is stopped by their supposed Coach, who is actually a satyr. The classmate and the coach fly away, fighting, just before a flying chariot appears which somehow crash-lands in the place they were trying to get to at the start. After curses, angry statues saying “Eat voltage!”, mean half-siblings and lots of green mist pouring out of different mouths, Jason, Piper and Leo embark once again on a quest to save the person who caused Jason’s amnesia. First they fly on Happy the Dragon to the North Wind, who tells them to go to Chicago, where they find a dead person (who’s alive) that has their former classmate’s cousins and coach, and almost die at the claws of two not-so-happy dragons, but are saved by the happy dragon. Carrying a lot of extra weight, Happy decides to go to sleep and crashes in another dead person’s house (who’s also alive). After that dead guy turns his dead son (who is alive too) into a statue, they all leave again, but not on Happy; he didn’t survive his first meeting with a home security system. So they harness the storm spirits and wake up the coach, stopping just below the floating palace of OW!, or Olympian Weather, run by Aeolus the wind guy. After making a present of the storm spirits, talking with the crazy wind guy, trying to keep the coach from flirting with the secretary, and almost getting killed by the same spirits they just made a present of, they wake up at a cafe in San Francisco with new clothes. They climb a mountain, kill a giant, free a dad and get knocked unconscious (some of them), and fly to Jack London’s old house, where they are attacked by the North Wind’s daughter and the earth. Piper and Leo talk to the earth and cut it apart with a chainsaw, respectively, while Jason tries to kill another giant. The person who took Jason’s memories starts giving them back and then partially kills him. Then they learn about a Roman camp that Jason was taken from originally.

Okay, that was a bit longer than the first. That was more of an abridged edition. Okay, the review:

Favorite character: Leo. Anyone who can set himself on fire is alright in my book. And he’s hilarious.

The style of writing that Rick Riordan has has really improved since the first PJ+O book. I love it. The way he ties in things you couldn’t possibly know about unless you had read the second book before the first is just brilliant. I love it all.

Well, that’s the long and short of it; long summary and short review. I’m reading the Wrath of Ezra, by Obert Skye, and there will probably be a review of that tomorrow.


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