Yes, I admit it; I did something that looks quite stupid. I picked up a dystopian novel at the library yesterday. Now, after reading the Hunger Games I thought they all would be like that: depressing and anti-war. But this one seems to be different. It’s called The Unwanteds, and this is not a review. I haven’t read it through all the way yet, so you’ve got a little time to prepare for the end of civilization as we know it. Anyway, it’s a pretty good book; it’s colorful, well-written and not at all depressing. I’ve heard that most dystopians have main characters that are girls. This one was the second dystopian novel I’ve read, and the first one to have a boy as the main character. Of course they’ve still got the never-failing love triangle going around like a contagious disease, but other than that it’s pretty original.

And yesterday I finally figured out what a dystopian novel actually is. It is a novel, obviously, with the main storyline being a rebellion against the government. Usually it’s a bad government. This one is no different. But I shan’t say more.

Next on the imaginary agenda: I’ll probably be coming out with another list of things you can do to catch, kill, escape, or just plain look at imaginary things… the day after tomorrow, which is scheduled for Small Minds. Oh, goodness… I forgot! Ah, I’m fine. So today let’s just sit back and talk about regular stuff.

I just got the irrational urge to listen to U2, which I should be glad for; what if it was an irrational urge to listen to, horror of horrors, ACDC? Excuse me while I– Thanks.

If you have any ideas at all for what mythical animals I should try and kill, capture, or see next, comment. Thank you Gwendolyn for already doing so, but if you want to you can do it again.

Thus ended the casual post of a Saturday morning. Tune in tomorrow for chapter eight of Small Minds.

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  1. Hmm, a non-depressing dystopia. The Giver turned me off all dystopia, so I haven’t read any since. I may need to give it another try.
    I look forward to the next chapter of Small Minds.

  2. Dystopias are good if they’re done well (1984 and The Storm Thief are such examples). Dystopia novels are supposed to be set in a dystopia (the reverse of a utopia) hence the name, the fact the main character notices and fights back is basically the only story line you could go for (unless you want to do it from an anti-hero point of view, hmm that’d be interesting to write).
    Things to catch, kill or see, how about Sceadugenga (shadow walkers {advice somewhere in my blog I think]), vampire (Stoker, or even proper zombieesq ones, or you could even do a satirical one for the twilight sparkly fairy things), cave monsters (all us cavers know they exist [and yes i do actually cave (and hunt for cave monsters)]), gremlins are always fun, if you want to stay in the water you could do ones about kelpie and selkie. should keep you going :).
    The Lonely Recluse.


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