A Crack in the Sky

A Crack in the Sky is a book by Mark Peter Hughes.  Again, this does not contain spoilers.  It’s a general review to tell readers what to expect.

This book was really good.  It quickly climbed its way into my list of favorite books I’ve read in 2012.  I’d say it gets a rating of four out of five stars.  That’s really good.

It’s a futuristic book about the world after humanity has ruined it.  I used to like that kind of thing a lot, but I can’t say that I still do.  It’s got newfangled technology, interesting theories about the apocalypse, and electronically-enhanced mongooses.  What’s funny about this book is that I read it because the author of the Pendragon series, DJ MacHale, said it was good.  The last book I picked up (Dormia) was reviewed by the same guy and also pronounced a winner, and I hated it.  So I was slightly skeptical, but as I read it I realized that the review was correct for once; it was quite good.

The writing style is good.  I can’t exactly pin it down– it’s a little bit average– but it taught me a few things.  I’ll explain it all soon.

Story form was interesting.  It’s sort of a power-play/you-and-only-you-can-avert-the-coming-storm mix.  The main character is a member of a family that runs the entire country, basically, and he’s the only one who’s looking for answers about why everyone seems to be brainwashed.  (Oh yeah, there’s hypnotism of sorts involved too.)  I’d say the story was original enough for my taste.  It was also fast-paced, which helped in trying to finish the thing in a day and a half.

The romance level was great.  That was what I learned about most through the book.  I’ll bring tell you what exactly I noticed later, probably in a post of tips on writing romance.  No, I have no experience writing anything of the sort, but I thought what I learned would be worth sharing.  The author was very good with the romance, though you couldn’t exactly say there was any romance in the thing.

Humor…?  Well, I’m slightly sorry to say that there was none.  But there weren’t so many opportunities as there were in Dormia, so I won’t criticize.

In all, the book was great.  I really liked it, and I’ll be coming back for the sequel when it’s released (I have no idea when).

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