Why I Don’t Like Posting Pictures

There are two main reasons I don’t like posting pictures on my blog.

Color Scheme.

Look around the blog.  Pay attention to the color scheme.  It’s mostly monochrome: black, white or grey.  There’s a splash of red in places where there are links, and in the banner there are either red streaks or yellowish-white ones.  All in all, it isn’t that colorful.

Believe it or not, I like it that way.  Monochrome is pleasing to my eye, for some reason.  And do you know what shatters monochrome into pieces?

Something not monochromatic.  Astounding, eh?  You wouldn’t think that in something black, white or grey with subdued flashes of color, anything bright and eye-catching would, well, catch the eye.  You wouldn’t think that something abnormally colorful would glare and shout loudly to the reader like that man drowning in quicksand off to your left who you refuse to help.  If I wanted a lot of colorful pictures, I would have picked more colorful colors for my blog.  Perhaps a large pink sign that says “MY BLOG IS JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE’S!” in the banner.  Perhaps a picture in every post of someone with orange fingernails and blue hair playing a green accordion.  Oh, I’m sure that would attract readers.

I like the refinement that monochrome brings, and there is nothing less refined than a picture that doesn’t fit the color scheme of the blog.

I do realize that I have added some pictures to the widget lineup to your right that seem loud.  Well, the amount of laughs they have brought from me massively outweigh the amount of tears the unrefined colors bring me.  I suppose I could make each notice black or white or grey or subdued red, but what’s the point?  It’s just more work for me.  I think the laughs are worth it, whether it hurts the theme or not.  It’s a cost-benefit analysis of sorts.  It costs the slight loss of a monochromatic norm to post those pictures, but the benefits are the enjoyment of the readers and myself.  I think it evens out.

But this does not dissuade me from my point.  I prefer to restrict pictures on my blog for visually-assaulting reasons.  The Mrs. Sparkly award, I believe, was the end of pictures, embedded movies, or even excessive linkages for a while.  It seems like a joke for those of you who remember that post, but I’m serious.  Mrs. Sparkly was where I drew the line.


There’s also the time-saving reason.  It’s quite a lot of work to go into your file folder, copy the picture you want, then paste it into the post.  I just don’t like it.  It takes too long for my liking.  Time spent on rooting through pictures is time taken from writing, which is what I like to do.


This one is the big one.  Look around my blog again.  You’ll notice that most of the posts are made up of words.  Most of the posts are about words or writing.  This blog is about writing.  This blog is for writing.  All this blog exists for is for me to write.  And I like writing. I like writing about writing for the sake of writing, to quote the friend of a friend.  The number of words I shoot for in each post is approximately 750.  The point is that this blog is for writing– and pictures, believe it or not, are not writing.  A picture might paint a thousand words, but I’d rather use a thousand words to paint a picture.  I want the reader to use his or her imagination.

Although I like writing posts with words, I don’t want to become boring.  I know that an article of more than two thousand words can get rather dry, whether it stays immersed in a swimming pool or not.  I’ve clicked on an interesting article before, then closed the tab because the scroll bar was thinner than the undefined line mathematics texts tell us about.  Long articles can get boring.  So I don’t want to write long articles, whether they are long or not.  See, humans, whether we like it or not, jump to conclusions so much we look like kangaroos.  If we see the scroll bar looking tiny over there on the right of our screen, we automatically assume it’s a huge article.  At least, I do.  The amount of pictures posted varies directly with the length of the article and inversely as the size of the scroll bar, meaning that the more pictures I post, the longer my article seems to the impulsive reader, who will after checking the size of the scroll bar close the tab altogether and not read my article, which wouldn’t be very nice at all.  So, in the effort of reducing the size of the group who close down my blog in disgust, I make my articles seem as short as possible, while still saying all I want to say.

In short, I don’t like posting pictures because it takes too much time, it messes with the colors, it distracts from the words I actually want you to read, and it lengthens my posts considerably more than I’d like.  The same goes for YouTube videos as well.  So I’m sorry, but you’ll have to get your eye-candy somewhere else.

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  1. Pictures are lame. And so was Mrs. Sparkly. *shudder*

  2. Now that you mention it, monochrome is quite pleasing to look at! It is so simple, yet looks very professional and elegant, if I can use the word elegant to describe and color scheme! But I do like pictures, they make the blog fun and are amusing to look at and read. Alas, everybody has their own opinion and you can stick to yours, and I’ll stick to mine! By the way, have you picked up The Power of Six yet? Tell me what you think when you are finished. I personally didn’t like the ending, but I’d love to hear your opinion!

    • I haven’t even been to the library since you suggested it last, so I haven’t gotten it. I’ll be going today, I promise. I’ll probably pick it up.

  3. Aye, I do like my pictures. Monochrome seems….a tad boring to me and there’s nothing like a splash of color to lighten up a little blog atmosphere.
    And now onto another topic. I picked up Airborn today, along with its trilogy buddies. I also spotted The Serpent’s Shadow (Rick Riordan) and I was like, “Yes! Score!” But then I saw, oh, trilogy. >.< The thing that made me mad was that they had the second and third books int hat series, but book #1? Not there. That upset me. A lot. Even the consolation prize of scoring Goliath (final Leviathan trilogy book) wasn't enough to ease my frustration.

    • Oh, Miss Vixen, I feel your pain. That always happens with me; I find a trilogy but the first book is missing. If I could, I’d lend you my copy of the Kane Chronicles trilogy, but unfortunately physical books don’t travel over internet.

  4. Haha, I actually removed just about every picture and post oriented around things I don’t own back in March. I only post my photography now, but I’m thinking of cutting back on that too and saving the gazillion photos for ones about trips/adventures and spreading individual ones over multiple posts. XD

  5. Charley R

     /  June 5, 2012

    Hehe, I don’t use pictures much, but I do find them fitting on occasion. Mostly when I’m posting about a trip I’ve been on, in which case they’re my own pictures, or using only a few here and there where they are tasteful. I can see the pros and cons of both, and personally I think both are equally acceptable strategems 🙂

  6. Haha… you remind me of my brother. He doesn’t understand why my blog is so colorful.

    My blog matches my personality… very strange, lots of stuff, bright and happy. But monochrome is cool too. Another blog I admire a lot (a HARRY POTTER blog! *gasp*) is monochrome and it looks quite nice.

    • Monochrome forever.

      • *looks at her brother* Yep, he’s wearing monochrome again… a black T-shirt and black/gray shorts… You two would get along really well. You’d talk about the awesomeness of black.

      • I like his style. Yesterday I was wearing a grey T-shirt and darker grey shorts, grey tennis shoes and at times a black coat. The awesomeness of grey is greater than the awesomeness of black, though not by much.

  7. I find it funny that I have more words than actual pictures on my art blog. Actually, that’s probably more sad than funny. My poor art… And in my head, I’m actually saying something more like, “Serves you right, art!”

    When I was younger, I used to absolutely despise the colors black and grey because they were an absence of color. It’s like, “What’s your favorite color?” “Black.” “That’s not even a color! It’s just darkness!” I don’t dislike them anymore, though. In fact, I’d rather wear black or grey than a bright color. I’m not a flower, thank you very much.

    Okay, I’m totally rambling. I’ll stop now, sorry…


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