It is a Monumental Day!

Imagine that title said energetically with a British accent.  It sounds so much better.

Today the last book of Artemis Fowl comes out: the Last Guardian.  If I’ve set it up right, you should see a picture of the cover where the countdown widget had been for the last few months.  If not, it’s just a big empty hole.  Oh, well.  Nevertheless, this is a big day in evil mastermind history.  Old Arty’s last days…  I can’t wait to read it.

And it doesn’t stop there.  Today, or whenever the heck it was, was a great day in the worlds of nerds of all kinds.  The two greatest nerd worlds are combining.  LEGO has gotten the right to make Lord of the Rings sets.  With the fast-approaching release of the Hobbit movie, LEGO is making as many sets as it can from the original trilogy.  Weathertop, Helm’s Deep, Shelob’s Lair, Isengard Orc workshops; nothing is safe from the terrifyingly awesome minds behind the best building toy extant.

The only problem is that the sets look… strange.  I never knew Gollum would look like a Duplo, orcs would look more like zombies than the despicable elf-mimicking horrors we know and love, and Frodo would look so… short.  And his hair looks rather like a brown stew was thrown from above and miraculously adhered to his scalp.  Shelob looks increasingly like a large spider I saw once in a Harry Potter LEGO set, and Gandalf looks way too much like Dumbledore.  And who knew that Legolas would look anything like that one guy from Pirates of the Caribbean… ah, what’s his name…?  Oh, yeah, Will Turner, played by the same actor.  The ring looks like a little gold prank coffee cup; it’s missing a bottom and a handle.

I can only cringe at the thought of Sauron’s Eye.  Of course, they’ll make a few versions: there will be the expensive 2000-piece model, two feet across; there will be the slightly less expensive model of Barad-Dur, with a weird orange-red circle on the top, and there will be the rather cheap version with a paper eye, probably coming with the Black Gate or something.

I’ve been wishing for this development for a good while now, and yet, now that it’s here, I wish they were a little bit better with how they set up the sets.  But nevertheless, the two worlds are one.  Lego fans no longer have to choose between Legos and Lord of the Rings (I never did anyway).  They just have to pay exorbitant prices for a weird model of Helm’s Deep.

Below are the first two chapters of the Lego synopsis of Lord of the Rings.  I don’t like the narrator and they twist the story around a little bit, but it’s got some funny parts.  Enjoy the bagpipers.

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  1. NOOOO. Arty, WHYYYY!?!? *collapses and dies*

    *gets up* I need to finish all the AF books! I’ve only read about three–oh dear. At least it might have a lower price when I’m done with the others…

    • Definitely read all the books. They get better as they go along, though Arty does procure morals… And discards them occasionally.

  2. Erin

     /  July 10, 2012

    GAH! Legos…My brother is obsessed with them. And he’s the only reason that I knew they had turned LotR into Lego sets. My brother doesn’t own any of the sets yet, but he’s constantly trying to recreate all the sets with his own Legos, and he always has to show me the finished product. It’s all I hear about from him…

    • Alas, you have not the pleasure of being a die-hard Lego fan like myself… This is the greatest thing since LotR movies came out.

  3. O_o My mom and I saw some LOTR Legos just the other day at… Target, I think. I like the description of Frodo’s hair. 😛

    Shelob does not compute. I need to read some more LOTR… I think the HP spider you mean is Aragog. That stinks if they look the same… creativity, Lego people, creativity!

    • There isn’t much you can do with two giant spiders that’s drastically different, so I don’t blame them too much. Too much.

      • Make them different colors, perhaps? I don’t know…

      • What color would you make them? Purple? Pink? Or I know: a Day-Glo green! It’s rather difficult, since there are two colors people think of in relation to spiders: black and brown.

  4. Hello!

    I’ve created a holiday of sorts that is kind of goofy, and wondered if you would be interested in participating in it. Here’s the link:


    • I saw that, and no thanks. I’m a faithful follower of you unless the posts have to do with Harry Potter or… shnorts.

      • Aw, too bad. 😛 Would you read my HP posts after you’ve finished the series? Because I have a great one that makes fun of it…. 😛 I need to post it. *mercilessly makes fun of things*

      • Perhaps. I don’t know when it will happen, though.

  5. Well, I looked up Aragog, who apparently has his own Wiki page. O_o The world is weird. He’s brown. I have no clue what Shelob is. I do like the Day-Glo colors idea… I mean, why doesn’t Dumbledore wear Day-Glo?! Or Voldemort?! People need to liven up.

    • Voldy should wear a pair of those plastic glasses with the big noses and mustaches. It would make up for those two ugly little slits he’s got. And I don’t think Old Dummy would object to Day-Glo– give him a nice bright yellow hat on Christmas and he’d swap for it in a heartbeat.

  6. True, true…

  7. I love it! It’s really more of an “homage,” wouldn’t you say? Nonetheless, I’m for anything that makes kids aware of the stories. Wish my children were still young enough to ask for these for Christmas.

    • You mean the LEGO sets to LotR? Yes, I agree, though that homage ought to be a little more respectful to the wee hobbits.


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