Toujou, Toujou, We’re all Blue Too!

And that is the extent of my poetry skills…

Anyway, this award is the Toujou award.  It does have a badge, but I don’t like badges so it won’t be posted.  This post is contrary to most of my posts, which have expressed utter revulsion toward awards in general, and even caused Miss Vixen to not nominate me when this award first made its appearance on a blog I frequent.  (I thanked her for that.)  And then, when Charley R., who she had nominated at first, nominated me in turn, I groaned at first.  Having dodged the first bullet, I got hit by the second.  But then I saw the first rule.  And then I saw the first question of the miniature quiz.  And I saw Charley’s response to the first rule.  And I caved in.

The Rules:

1. If tagged you must tag five others, giving each a quick sentence as to why you ALWAYS read their posts, and tell them that you’ve tagged them.

2. If tagged you must post your five favorite words. I know, I know, most people do facts, but facts are hard to think of so…

3. If and only if you want to/can be bothered to/have time to you can put up five questions for the people you’ve tagged. If and only if you want to/can be bothered to/have time to you can ANSWER the five questions your tagger set. If you want to answer questions but your tagger left none, answer your own questions 🙂

Charley’s description of me was so wonderful…  I was immensely flattered.  Go check it out.

Anyway, here are my five nominees:

Hero from Heroic Endeavors, because she’s a lovely musician writer person thingy.  And she writes interestingly.  That’s why I read her posts.

John Hansen at The Incessant Droning of a Bored Writer.  He’s also a wonderful writer and frequently fools me into thinking he’s at least twenty from his knowledge of the publishing world.

Pherisphena Ladea from The Word Asylum.  Her writing always strikes me as being extremely thought-out, and for a while I thought that she edited and redrafted every post five times before actually posting.  That’s how good the writing is.  And she doesn’t post too often anymore, so I pop in and read everything to show I’m still with her.  Friendly, like.

Nevillegirl from Musings from Neville’s Navel.  I don’t read all of her posts, mostly because I try to avoid spoilers and hers deal out more spoilers for Harry Potter than you get reading the actual books.  But when I do read her posts, which is often, they’re usually very good and well-written.  And if I don’t read her posts she’ll bug me until I do.

Queen Coffee at The Land of Man-Eating Pixies, because she’s a lovely writer too, and she doesn’t post often enough for my liking.  Also, she was either the first friend I got through blogging or the second– not sure about that– and since then I’ve commented on every post of hers.  If I’ve missed a few it was probably because I was dead, but no longer.

And I’m going to give two honorary nominations: one to Charley R. (linked to above) and one to Miss Seana J. Vixen (also linked to above).

Charley is an awesome friend and writes whatever she does so awesomely and hilariously that I can’t help but read it all.  And comment too.  Because on that blog, every comment has the potential to turn into a Lord of the Rings role-play.  Most of the time when I write posts I’m crossing my fingers hoping Charley will like it.  And she usually does, ’cause she’s British and awesome.  (That was redundant.)

Miss Vixen is another awesome friend.  Her book reviews are almost always accurate.  She is very random and very funny because she is random, and her writing, though lacking in a few departments, has the potential to be more awesome than it already is.  (Sorry to burst your bubble, there, Miss; it isn’t that awesome yet.)  She has also read and commented on most of my posts, and half of the concepts and little quirks I wrote into that last Phil Phorce episode were a direct result of her comments.

I applaud all of the persons I nominated here for sheer awesomeness.  Now, on to the five favorite words, which was another inducement to accept this award with glee.

  1. Indeed.  Of course you’ve seen this on my blog.  It’s my favorite by far.
  2. Rather.  This is a word that makes whatever you say sound rather more British.  See?
  3. Brilliant.  If something is great, I always say it’s brilliant, just because the word has a great meaning.  Shining bright– who doesn’t want to be that?  Besides thieves in the night.  Though, that would remove the need for a flashlight…
  4. Apathy (or derivatives).  He isn’t careless; he’s apathetic.  It’s so much cooler.
  5. Wreak [havoc].  Wreak just looks so cool…  And to wreak havoc– there’s no better synonym for mayhem than this.
  6. And of course, I’ll add a sixth: the phrase “lashings of apologies”.  It sounds cool.  No better reason than that.

For the record, I protested the fourth question of this next quiz.  Vehemently.  But did I have a choice?  No.  So on we go.

1. Which fictional character do you think you’re most like?
Artemis Fowl.  Nevillegirl (nominated above) has on numerous occasions likened me to this particular evil genius, and after reading the final Artemis Fowl book, I’m inclined to agree with her.  Her original reasons were good, but when I agreed with her and took it all as an enormous compliment, she was sure.

2. What is your guilty pleasure?
I have many pleasures, and none of them guilty.  As for quilty pleasures, the same is true.  But there is one…  I prefer good grammar, but I don’t know many grammar rules.  I’ll know it when I see it…  I think.

3. Name your three utter essentials.
Huh…  Writing implements– electronic or otherwise.  Music (translatable now to “iPod+iTunes gift card”).  And humor.  If there was nothing to laugh at, I’d go insane.

4. Which famous person would you most want to kiss?
And here is when I felt my first twinge of doubt in this award.  My answer will be, quite simply, none.  Because in general, I despise famous persons.  Not because they’re famous, but how they act once they are.  There are a few interesting ones, however, but none that qualify here.

5. What would be the best ever present?
The same awesome life I’ve had up to this point for the rest of my life?  Free books of my choice for life?  Free music of my choice for life?  Or just a publishing deal from (here’s a shock) a publisher– once I get my writing up to par?  Any of the above, particularly the first or last.  (The first might guarantee the last, so…)

And that is indeed the end of this award.  It was enjoyable for me to do.  Toodles.

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  1. Your poetry skills aren’t all bad. You rhymed at least, so that counts for something, doesn’t it?

    My description is lovely and, thankfully, accurate. I’ve been known for being random on more than one occasion which often results in humorous conversations. So…thanks for not getting too much on my case for bothering you with book reviews. Heh.

  2. Charley R

     /  August 5, 2012

    Oh my gosh, I’ve gone bright pink at your description of me – and you said I was flattering! You lovely person – I think you’ve made my day 🙂

    Hehehe, I can totally see you as an Artemis Fowl figure – complete with fiendish plans. Though I’m not sure if you have a terrifying yet awesome bodyguard. Because if you do, I think I’d be rather jealous 😉

  3. Gracias por el award, amigo. Me gusta el awards.


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