Turvy-Topsy Post Award

By the way, this is the end of the post.  Just saying.  And the post doesn’t begin until way down there at the bottom…

I have been graced with another award.  Honestly, I didn’t know there were so many.  When I started I thought there was one– now there are enough to make an army, if someone would supply pointy objects and unflattering metal hats.

In addition, if their rules were laid end to end, they would fill an entire set of encyclopedias– twice, in the most efficient system of writing in any world, real or fictional.

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Answer the five questions given to you, and ask the next person five new questions.
  3. Award five people.
  4. Post the rules.

And already I am breaking the rules– I’ve done them out of order!  Fool that I am, I obeyed rule four first!  Might as well keep going erratically…

According to the rules, I must thank Lily, who gave me the award.  Thank you!

I award five people here:

Scenes de la Vie de Stranezza

Musings from Neville’s Navel

An MK’s Meandering Mind

Books Are Better Than Diamonds

Musings and Random Thoughts

Now, with rules one, three and four finished, I shall proceed to obey rule two: the questions.  But I shall do even this backwards– I will ask the questions first.  I’m feeling evil.

  1. Say a letter was mailed to you one day– what would you wish to be in it?
  2. Say that same letter was incinerated before you read it– what would be your reaction?
  3. If you could abolish one day of the week and everything that happens on it, which would you choose?
  4. What was the last piece of music you listened to?
  5. What is your favorite regional accent?

Now the questions I must answer:

  1. If you were a dragon, what color would you be?
    I’d be invisible because otherwise people would hunt me, and that is undesirable in the best of circumstances.
  2. If you were only allowed to write in one genre for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
    Fantasy.  I don’t believe I’ve yet written anything outside of it, actually.
  3. What was the last book you read?
    The King of Attolia, by Meghan Whalen Turner.
  4. Did you like it?
    Oh, yes.  It’s quite a good book, with lots of manipulation and scheming politics.  It’s pretty amazing how many secrets the author can keep away from the reader.
  5. What is one school subject that is being force-fed to your brain you are taking this year?
    Critical thinking.  As if I’m not critical enough…

Here begins the post.

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  1. Thank you, kind sir. *curtsies*

  2. Why be invisible when you can be a chameleon dragon? That way you can freak people out and then hide. And the fear of the peasantry is part of the joy of being a dragon, honestly.

    • I would be a peaceable dragon, though– prone to carnivorous habits, yes, but I would keep myself in check. I wouldn’t eat anything that didn’t scream.

      • Remember to avoid monasteries. There’s nothing more embarrassing than going on a rampage and discovering your lunch is under a vow of silence.

      • Oh, you’re right… Well, there goes tomorrow’s luncheon.

      • Monasteries are a pain to get to, though, so you’re not missing much. Might I suggest a nice secluded boarding school instead? I hear l’infant de l’homme is much more tender than straight l’homme.

      • Eating young ones is vulgar– there is no difference between their regular screaming and their “Oh no it’s a dragon stumble and crawl for your lives…! Where’s Mommy?” scream. I prefer older morsels.

      • I suppose ambiance is as important as flavor, sometimes. A college perhaps? Or weddings, there’s always a special kind of terror there.

      • The dresses are a little too crunchy, but at least it isn’t as bad as in previous centuries– bustles and hoops play havoc with the digestive system.

      • Some of the bridesmaids are really quite palatable. If you wait until the reception, they even marinade themselves in wine or sherry. But I agree, hoops just are not on. They’re designed to make the bottom half almost impossible to get to, and that just means more wasted waists.

      • I detest liquors, mostly for the reason that I try to fly upside-down afterwards. That doesn’t usually end up so well– last time I caused an entire mountainside to split off trying to get my horns out. I don’t know who had the bright idea that those formations were actually four presidential faces.

      • You know how humans are – their reality filters are so strong that they’ll revise history if something doesn’t fit. Dragons no longer fit, unfortunately. On the other hand, luncheons are usually blamed on other humans rather than dragons, so that’s fortunate.

      • Yes, in the American Midwest it’s extremely easy to make humans believe nothing is wrong– steal a few farmers, then draw a circle in their fields. They think it was an alien abduction, infallibly.

      • That illusion is only strengthened by those whoa re less discerning in their tastes. Those poor mutilated cattle.

      • Indeed, indeed.

  3. Snuffleupagus

     /  September 13, 2012

    If you were a dragon, what color would you be?
    I’d be invisible because otherwise people would hunt me, and that is undesirable in the best of circumstances.

    …Wow. That just made my day. I am sitting here, procrastinating while trying to finish an English assignment, and this made it all worth it. Thank you so much! 😀 Although if I were a dragon, I would be a mirror dragon, so people would either see themselves or be blinded by the light…and then while they were distracted, I’d fry them to a nice toasty crisp and munch on them while pondering mysteries of the universe.

    • I don’t know why people imagine that if they were dragons, they would eat people… I wouldn’t. First off, I would search the world for someone who could make me stylish reading glasses, because everyone knows dragons look immensely better with glasses. Secondly, I would scare my way into a position as a Latin professor, from which position I could have the time of my life scaring people who came to ask me about homework… And then, perhaps I’d eat someone. But not before then.

      • Robyn Hoode

         /  September 13, 2012

        Does Wal-mart do dragon size glasses? As for being a latin teacher… perhaps you should see if Chiron would let you work summers at Camp Half-Blood. They could probably use a dragon that could speak latin… or do you not plan to actually learn/teach it, just scare people?

      • I would profess to know Latin, but I wouldn’t actually– that’s all professors do, anyway.

  4. I would be an invisible dragon too! I enjoy freaking people out, so that would just make it better if I was a scary dragon 🙂 Perhaps I should breathe something besides fire. Fire is just so overrated.

  5. Charley R

     /  September 14, 2012

    Ahahaha, you webellious webel! You show those award-giving tyrants who’s boss! xD

  6. I can’t believe this… THE HEAD PHIL HAS GIVEN ME AN AWARD. Thank goodness I stalk your blog everyday Liam, or else I NEVER would have known! I feel so honoured by your recognition, honestly :]] Times like this calls for… THE HAPPY DANCE *dances* :D. Ahh… I see this one also comes with rules… I’ll do my best to follow them, hopefully in the correct order. ;).

  7. I’ve escaped from the awards! *happy dance* I’m amused by the fact that the comment above mine (not your comment, the person you were responding to) was doing a happy dance because they received an award. Then there’s me, dancing because she has escaped from those dreadful rules that haunt me to do this day.

    …speaking of which, I saw the Mrs. Sparkly award on someone’s blog…it’s quite scary.

  8. You are welcome, sir. I think this award looks better Turvy-Topsy. I once thought about writing a blog post backwards, ti tsniaga dediced tub.

  9. Thanks Liam!

    I have been travelling and had a stack of posts in my inbox. Most of them I didn’t bother to read so it’s lucky I looked at this one.

    Can I award people who have already been awarded – or award less than five? Because I only follow maybe half a dozen blogs, and it seems a few of them have been awarded already…

  10. So sorry I’m late to comment!!! Thanks for nominating me, Liam!


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