The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Being called inspirational is quite a compliment.  A homeschooled teenager from [redacted] doesn’t have much chance to throw his ideas to the nether corners of the earth, and much less of a chance to have someone consider themselves inspired by these ideas.  But the real test of readership is when I can post a list of ways to annoy a cellist and cellists read it.  I can post useless fiction that might be better off being posted on another blog, and people will critique the storytelling, even though it’s acknowledged to be horrible.  I can post my thoughts on anything, no matter if I didn’t even take the time to check my facts, and people comment.  I have no idea whether it’s because of my sparkling personality, my brilliant observations, my rapier wit, or just the fact that I have no idea what I’m talking about most of the time, but for some reason people find me inspiring.

People can be kind of dumb sometimes.  Don’t they know I’m helping an intangible parasite infiltrate their minds and suck away their souls?  Obviously not.

Anyway, all of this leads up to the blog award I just received.  As you can see, I’m already discarding my normal sarcastic, fatalistic view of theme.  I’m still wearing my tin hat, but I’ll accept this award more graciously than in the past.  It’s called the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”, and its badge looks like someone went back in time and asked Humphrey Bogart to pick something out.

I suppose I like monochrome better than glaring pink, but still…


  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Place the award on your site
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 blogs. Let them know they’ve been nominated and how to accept the award.

Thanks, Engie (also known as Nevillegirl)!  The award is already here, so that’s two rules out of the way.

If all the “random facts” I’ve given for blog awards were put end to end, you’d have a lot of red squiggly lines where you forgot to put in spaces.  Anyway, seven facts:

  1. I’m teaching myself Latin.  Crustulum amo.  (If you can’t read that, translate it here.)
  2. And teaching myself Latin doesn’t consist of simply memorizing phrases from herehere and here.
  3. I got those three sites from Allegra, who is amazing.
  4. Notice how I was able to fit in a compliment to someone else into random facts about me.
  5. I think the award people are conceited in thinking that their award picture posted on every blog in the blogosphere would make blogs more beautiful.
  6. Again, notice how I turned the above fact into a fact about me by adding “I think”.
  7. And yes, that’s legal.  I think.

The nominations below are going to be very relaxed.  No one I nominate has to accept or even will accept, most likely.  I’m just going to name inspirational people I know.  Some have already been nominated and already have the award, some don’t have blogs, and some are just so far above me that they wouldn’t accept a blog award anyway, but who cares?  It’s my list.

Charley R.  I’m sure many of you reading this realized that in that first paragraph, when I mentioned the people (in plural) who read and critique my silly fictional periodicals, I didn’t mean you.  Most people don’t read my periodicals, or if they do they don’t bother to comment, but Charley reads every scene.  She comments on every post.  And not only that, but she can host her own blog, be hysterically funny, and live her own life none the worse for reading my stuff.  My blog ratings are dropping by the day, inversely proportionate to the frequency of my fiction posts, but still I post them.  I’m helping my blog commit suicide, but I when I look to my right, she’s right there helping me.  We might both be crazy, but having someone to back you up and say “Good job” at least makes me feel like I’m doing something not too detrimental to society.

Teens Can Write, Too!  This was a blog built to be inspirational.  It used to be cohosted by Allegra and John Hansen, but unfortunately Allegra’s had to leave it.  John’s been doing great on his own since then, however, and it’s still the same great place.  I don’t participate in many of the critique sessions, contests or Twitter chats with agents, but half of what they do is just give emotional support.  It’s comforting to know that there are other people my age who are also trying to figure out the world of writing and publishing.

What a perfect segue into the next nomination!  This one isn’t even a blog– it’s a program.  The NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program, to be exact.  There are so many underage writers here it’s astounding.  Sometimes it’s easy to tell if they’re really getting it and really working to improve, and some of them are simply trying to spite their English teacher by writing a novel with horrible grammar, but again, it’s emotional support.  It’s impossible to go and look at all the kids there gearing up for a November of noveling and say, “Ha!  All these good-for-nothing kids…  It’s better just to stay in school and start writing when you’re fifty.”  These people are too young to realize that they may not be the next Tolstoy, and their confidence is totally infectious.

Obert Skye.  He is one of the funniest writers I know that actually got published.  No one knows who he is and no one really cares once they hear the name, but he remains a very imaginative and hilarious person.  He’s inspired so much of my writing.  All of the lists of tips on this blog were inspired by a single one of his on disguising oneself.  (Definitely look at it: here.)  All of the inanimate characters I’ve ever written, from Steve the ping pong ball to the Sentient Rock of the Third Rift, were inspired by one of his: Ezra the evil toothpick.  (Gasp!  Shock!)  My writing style was taken almost straight from him, until I stole Rick Riordan’s and Dumas’s.  (I kid you not, when I reread the series after finishing my first novel, I thought I had written it.  I’m not saying his writing is horrible, but it is slightly less polished than that of some other writers.)  He has been such an influence on me.

There are so many other people… my family, for instance.  I know that somewhere under all those awkwardly-phrased questions about my writing, there’s support.  They haven’t burned the computer yet, which is a relief– they’re too busy reading my blog.

I could also be terribly conceited– or perfectly honest, which is the basis of all true conceit– and say that I am incredibly inspirational to myself.  It’s very true, because if I wasn’t me, I wouldn’t do the things that I do.  And if I wasn’t me, I might start thinking rationally and realize that there was a slight problem with all these dreams I have– I don’t know how to bring any of them to fruition.  That’s perfectly okay, though, because I’ve got people around me who do, or at least know everything that I’m not too concerned about learning at the moment (but should be).  But I won’t be conceited and thank myself for all of that– I’ll thank all the people who made me me, because without me I wouldn’t be me.

And yes, that makes sense.

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  1. Charley R

     /  October 28, 2012

    I don’t think you’re being conceited at all – you’re awesome and you know it. Much love and distant hugs for the award – I”ve already done it, so I won’t be doing it again as the seven facts nearly made me blow a circuit – but I do want to thank you for that lovely little snippet beneath my name. I don’t know if it fits, but it brought a huge smile to my face, and that is something I treasure.

    And of course we know you’re an immaterial parasite. We just avoid mentioning it because we worried it might be a subject of some discomfort to you.

  2. Dearest Liam, you are definitely inspiring because of your sparkling personality. And your hair. It is as awesome as… as… as… Galadriel’s. *nods*

  3. Now there’s a blog award I don’t think I’ve gotten before. Or have I? Gah, I had so many, I don’t even remember.

    Blog awards are kind of overrated.


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