Help me.

So I posted a really long, gushy post yesterday about how awesome people are when they say that I’m awesome, and one of the things I mentioned was the Phil Phorce and the fact that my blog ratings are dropping by the day.

I can’t believe this is a coincidence, that all my 218 followers suddenly went on vacation without telling me.  They can’t have all decided to try NaNoWriMo this year and are gearing up by cutting their ties to social media.  They can’t have all been imprisoned simultaneously.

Though, with some of the characters I’ve managed to rustle up, that might be a more plausible thought than the others.

I have a feeling that it’s because they’re bored.  Bored with me and my useless fiction.  I’ve been told quite frankly by another follower that “Endless Phil Phorce episodes aren’t interesting…” and I suppose she’s correct.  I mean, the Phil Phorce is fun to write, but it’s not that fulfilling to read.  It’s a place where I can try out different concepts, writing styles and character types (though I seem to only have one: arrogant).  Perhaps my followers just don’t want to read from my scratch pad, but only the essays I write just as cluelessly.  Perhaps people want to keep themselves buried in the “real world” instead of having to listen to my fantastic adventures.

Do I care?  Not really.

Whose blog is this?  It’s mine.  What is a blog for?  It’s for the author’s enjoyment.  If the author is a photographer, the author posts pictures.  If the author is a music student, the author posts thoughts about music.  If the author is a writer, the author posts writings.

I am the author.  I post my writings.  Duh.

I post the things I learn about writing too, just to clarify my mind.  I post things I find funny, and things I make that I find funny, or ideas I have that I find funny.

I’m going to take the advice of my friend, as many before me have done, and not apologize for my blog.  People might not like it, but I’m not forcing them to stay.  I write this blog for myself, not for my readers.  Yes, it’s public, and yes, I do what I can to help what I write become known, but no, I don’t really care whether you love it or hate it.  If you hate it because it’s boring, suggest something to liven it up.  If you hate it because it’s unrefined, help me refine it.  If you hate it because it just isn’t what you’re interested in, that’s fine, you don’t have to read it.  But I’d love to get feedback on my writing in order to improve it.  If you don’t like my writing and say, “If only Liam would grow up a little, I’d love it all,” help me so that I can grow up.  I’d love to be able to please you, but I’m not expecting to do it right off the bat.  I need help.  I do what I can on my own, but if you have suggestions, I suggest you comment.

This also goes for people who love my writing.  There’s no accounting for taste, but if you love it, tell me why so that I don’t change it accidentally.

Also, in normal essay-style blog posts, do the same.  Comment and tell me whether I’m on the right track or not, and add anything you want to.

In short, I really don’t care whether you like what I write or not– I just care about what makes you not like it and what it will take to improve.  I briefly considered creating another blog for the Phil Phorce episodes alone, but I won’t.  Phil Phorce episodes will come out every three months or so– you can either read a few and critique them, which is all I ask, but you can also simply ignore them, which I think is the conclusion most have come to.  I don’t really care.

But I would appreciate your help.

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  1. Charley R

     /  October 28, 2012

    Well said, mine friend! Also, I have an alternative explanation for lowering blog views – some of your earlier commenters and followers may simply have been drifting away from the blogosphere, or simply not accessing their accounts of late, for whatever reason.

    That aside, though, I shall join in on this venture of yours – I shall endeavour to make my comments more helpful to you on the critique / encouragement / abuse of exclamation when applicable front.

    And I shall start with this typo: “I’m doing to take the advice of my friend” – “going”, I think, is what you’re looking for.


    • Oops. Didn’t catch that. Thank you ever so much.

      • Charley R

         /  October 28, 2012

        Very welcome. My pleasure. Poor Sentence Officer hasn’t had much to do, and the prospect of NaNo is driving her to distraction. She and the Grammar Nazi are planning a coastal retreat for the month.

      • Hopefully that doesn’t hurt your productivity.

      • Charley R

         /  October 29, 2012

        It won’t. With them on holiday, I won’t suffer from so many complexes over the absolutely awful nature of the impending first draft.

      • It’s the Inheritance Cycle style super-soldier: take away all pain and fear and they’re invincible. They’re giggling madly, but they’re invincible. You’re loony but you’re invincible right now.

      • Charley R

         /  October 29, 2012

        Good thing there’s lots of pain and giggling then!

      • Indeed… Just keep the giggling and wincing down to a minimum, will you? People might start to realize that you’re crazy– I mean, think that you’re crazy.

      • Charley R

         /  October 30, 2012

        There are three kinds of people, with regard to my existence:
        1 – Those who have met me more than once, and are well aware of my insanity.
        2 – Those who have met me briefly, and strongly suspect my insanity, which will be confirmed upon our next meeting.
        3 – Those who have not met me at all. Any who do will join groups two and one. Any who don’t . . . will just have to wait until I rule the world.

      • See, I’m much simpler– only two groups. The first and the third. The people of the second jump straight to the first group.

      • Charley R

         /  November 3, 2012

        Ehehehehe xD

      • Sorry, there actually is a third group– you.

      • Charley R

         /  November 4, 2012


      • Indeed. I’ve never met another person who understood my need for world domination… *sniffles*

      • Charley R

         /  November 5, 2012

        Awww, you poor thing! Come here, let’s go and ping some would-be-heroes off a cliff with my catapult. That makes everything better.

      • *sniffles again* Mommy says they’re called trebuchets. Can I operate the simple machine that governs the draw of the arm to the back axle? Or should I just heave the ammunition into the hand?

      • Charley R

         /  November 6, 2012

        Whichever you like, buddy. I’ve got plenty of ammo to go around.

      • And go around it certainly will… Mwahaha.

      • Charley R

         /  November 7, 2012

        Absolutely. Let’s see if we can get one to rebound around the moon’s gravitational sphere, shall we?

      • My calculations tell me that that will cause it to rebound and hit us.

      • Charley R

         /  November 7, 2012

        We can duck . . . I mean, mallard.

      • But if we want these heroes to die completely, why would we have ammunition so puny that anyone could mallard under it?

      • Charley R

         /  November 8, 2012

        Erm . . . the heroes ARE the ammunition.

      • OOOOOOHH! I didn’t know! All the more reason to duck… unless you have a mace.

      • Charley R

         /  November 10, 2012

        I have many maces. Mace? Maci? Macea?

      • Great! We can play baseball, cricket, golf, Whack-a-Mole… Depends on your culture.

      • Charley R

         /  November 13, 2012

        Whatever one fancies at the time!

  2. Hello! I’m a new reader of yours and I think that maybe why some of your new readers are skipping the Phil Phorce posts is because they don’t really know what’s about. So maybe you should try to summarize at the beginning what the interesting group is up to. Just a suggestion! Thanks 🙂

  3. Liam, stop being angsty. That’s my job. Your job is to look cool.
    *Rides off on an ancient red tricycle*

  4. I generally read Phil Phorces, I just haven’t critiqued them. That’s often because the other people who critique them are better at critiquing than I am. But I do agree with Future Writer: it took me a while to realise that Steve and Sam were ping-pong balls!

    Still, I probably would have gathered that a bit quicker had I read the “Phils” page…

    • Well, I’ll update the Phils page and give a link at the first scene of every new episode… Not every scene, but every episode. Thanks!

  5. Mwahahaha… I was the one who told you that endless Phil Phorce episodes are boring, wasn’t it? 😛 I actually love Phil Phorce, just… mixed in with other stuff.

  6. It’s getting harder and harder to find posts I haven’t commented on yet…heheh.

    I’ve sort of tried to post posts like this one before… but then I start sounding whiny or something, and my only commenters just go, “Oh, Shim, your posts are awesome, so stop saying you’re boring” and that’s it. *facepalms*

    • Yeah, I know how it is. Personally, I think this post is whiny and I’d kind of like to take it back. But still, it was an important thing for me to tell myself.

      Just because they say it doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

      • It’s not as bad as some of mine—both ones I’ve written in my head and ones that are actually on my blog. Maybe because this one actually sort of had a point to it, but in mine, I’m usually just complaining with no legitimate point.

        Ah, yes, but just because they say it doesn’t mean it is true.

      • But sometimes you have to get that sort of thing out of your head. It’s good to do.

      • In moderation, yes.

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