Happy New Year!

When it was twenty-twelve… it was a very good year…  It was a very good year for blogging teens who don’t know beans… with a pointy spear…  It was a very good year.

Song parodies aside, 2012 was a very good year.  Want a list?

  • I began learning Latin.  Why?  Here’s another list.
  • I was Freshly Pressed on WordPress.  I think it’s common that the posts picked aren’t the greatest the blog has published, but I don’t mind too much.  My question was answered.
  • We survived the end of the world, the Mayan version this time.
  • I wrote a novel and finished “editing” another one.  The reason editing is in quotes is because it wasn’t editing as it’s supposed to be, but I don’t mind.
  • I discovered the Writing Excuses podcast.  It seems so silly, but that podcast has given me a lot of good stuff to think about.  If you get the chance, listen to the Hollywood Formula episode.  It’s hilarious when you start seeing the formula in every movie you watch.
  • I read great books.  The Book Thief, Ender’s Game, The Serpent’s Shadow.  I reread War and Peace (finished that tonight).  I read lots of Dumas.  I read so many other good books that I can’t even remember them all.
  • I rerouted my blog; first it was about any idea that came into my head.  Now everything that comes into my head is about writing, and the blog has become a writing blog.
  • I’ve lived.  To me, this is the most important thing.  I’ve been alive for another year, giving me experience, confidence, and knowledge.  I’ve lived and I’ve learned.

Would you like a list of what I’m going to do in 2013?  Here you go.

  • I have no idea.

I’d like to thank Charley R., who never fails to have the most comments of any visitor on my blog.  I’d like to thank Seana Vixen, who holds second place.  I’d like to thank Engie, who holds third.  I’m thanking these people because they’ve given me the most feedback.  Do you want to be thanked?  Comment more.

But I’ll thank you anyway, for following me.  If you’re one of the 300 people following my blog, then I have to thank you.  I have a nasty feeling that many of those people don’t read anything from my blog anyway.  Am I wrong?  Tell me.  Comment.  Prove me wrong.  There’s a comment contest coming up– 8000 comments– and you can win a guest post if you’re the author of the 8000th comment.  If every one of the 300 followers comments on this post, we’ll be sure to have a guest post this week.  It could be you– comment!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Emily

     /  December 31, 2012

    There have been so many times I wanted to comment but didn’t. I’m not quite sure why I didn’t comment all those times, but I didn’t, and that’s that I guess. I’ve been reading, though, for sure. I’ve read every post you’ve written since I found out about your blog in July, and I’ve enjoyed them all.

    And Happy New Year. It sounds like you’ve had a great year; I hope next year is even better.

  2. I read — nearly all your posts. I am just a bit lazy to comment on every one. But I have a nasty feeling that some of my 18 followers don’t read anything from my blog either….

    Is it 2013 where you are yet? Let me tell you if you haven’t reached it — it’s a bit of a let-down. Except for being colder, it seems very similar to 2012. Still, cold is nice.

    • Not yet– one and a half hours to go yet. Enough time for a feature-length movie… or not.

      • Well, Happy New Year when you get to it!

        An hour and a half is just enough time to play a soccer game. That’s how I spent much of my New Year’s Eve: playing backyard soccer in the dark. Tremendous fun.

      • I’ve played badminton like that. Quite fun indeed.

  3. Crikey, I’m third?! I would’ve thought that would be someone else. No idea who, just someone else.

    I see that you stole another post idea from me. -_-

  4. Happy New Year!

    So. It has come to this.

  5. Amanda Fischer

     /  December 31, 2012


  6. Erin

     /  January 1, 2013

    So. It has come to this. I did not make the top three commenters (spell check says that’s not a word, but I say it is). I guess part of the reason for that is because not all your posts are being sent to my inbox, so I keep missing a bunch. I’m not sure why it’s doing that, but it’s annoying. And I guess I got a little lazy with the commenting as well. Whatever.

    And I have no idea what I’ll be doing in 2013 too. High five for being unprepared for the future.

  7. magicandwriting583

     /  January 1, 2013

    I haven’t commented much because I found your blog, like, two weeks ago. I think I could probably count how many I’ve left…. I shall try to increase the number.

    And, I love the Writing Excuses podcast! I’ve yet to listen to one that wasn’t both funny and helpful in some way or another.

    Oh, and I suppose I’m late, but Happy New Years!

  8. I was going to say “So. It has come to this.” but everyone else is saying it, so I decided against it. I can’t think of anything to say instead, though. I could look that up in Latin, I suppose, and make it sound scarier.

    Good grief…I’m second?! I was not expecting to be up that high on the list. Cool.

    I’ve still got to do my New Years post. I just need to figure out what to stick inside of it.

    At any rate, it was a good year. I’ve finished the Hobbit and have started the first LotR book in the trilogy. I do think that reading the Hobbit made me more eager to read the next book, since I actually knew the characters and what they’ve been through and I don’t sit there being extremely confused. It’s quite nice, actually.

  9. Paulina Czarnecki

     /  January 1, 2013

    I just found this blog, but okay, I’ll comment (: Sounds like you’ve had a great year, and I hope 2013 is just as good for you. Good luck! (:

  10. Great year! I wish you all the best in 2013. Isn’t Latin the greatest? What curriculum do you use?

    • I got Wheelock’s Latin, 5th edition, from my library. Unfortunately, the library claimed it and I haven’t been able to get it back, so once a bookstore is open (probably tomorrow) I’m going to buy a Latin dictionary so I can work on stuff without the book. I’ll still need it to learn all the rest of the suffixes and rules, but the dictionary should help.

      • You can buy textbooks on the Internet, or books translated into Latin. They have Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Latin, which is pretty cool.

      • Any other modern ones? HP 1 isn’t my favorite book in the world.

      • I know of Winnie the Pooh and a translation of The Hobbit that I’ve heard isn’t very good, but that’s it aside from a few Dr. Seuss ones. Your best bet would be to work from a textbook with level-appropriate stories and then maybe try some ancient texts.

      • Dr. Seuss! Cool. Where might one get these? The internet?

      • You can find everything on the Internet. I saw them on Amazon. I’ve only read the Grinch one. It was somewhat difficult, but had the vocabulary in the back.

      • Rhyming in Latin has got to be hard, and with the style Seuss has for syllabication and such, I don’t see how anyone would want to spend that much time translating it into Latin in the first place.

      • From what I can recall, it used meter more than actual rhyme.

  11. DLiz

     /  January 2, 2013

    Latin is awesome! I took two years of it myself. My favorite language just happens to be dead but oh well. It is a good tool for a writer to have. I took it using Latina Christiana. Well, Happy New Year!

  12. Ego Latinam etiam amo! (If you can understand that, awesome; if you can read that and find some kind of error and correct me, you get a gold star.)

    While I don’t comment on every post of yours (mostly out of laziness), I still read and enjoy them all. 🙂

    Oh, and a late Happy New Year!

    • Yes, there was an error– “ego” means “I”, and the “I” is assumed in the verb “amo”. That suffix -o means I [do whatever the verb does]. So amo means I like or I love– “Ego Latinam etiam amo” means “I I also like Latin.” You could also translate it as “Me, I also like Latin”, but it isn’t as good. Latinam etiam amo means I also like Latin.

      Happy New Year! Thanks for the gold star.

      • You’re partially right. “Ego” can also be used for emphasis, even though “I” is assumed from the verb, “amo.” I could have left it out, and the meaning wouldn’t have changed, but I wanted to emphasize myself. =P (And “ego” doesn’t mean “me,” as it’s nominative. The pronoun’s accusative, “mē,” means “me” or “myself.”)

        But you can still keep that gold star. 🙂

      • True– I was just trying to find a translation you could fall back on to keep from getting too embarrassed. Not that I expected it.

  13. I read! Haha I absolutely love your blog(:

  14. Even though I just found this blog, I have already vowed to get in your top 5 list of people who comment the most. It might be a lot of work though, since you have almost 8,000 comments and as it appears, a lot of loyal fans…

    Challenge Accepted!

    Oh, and on a scale of 1 through 10, how good would you say War and Peace is? It’s on my list of books I want to read this year.

    • It’s a 10. Definitely. It’s long and ponderous at times, but it’s a 10. What else is on your list?

      Glad you could stop by!

      • My list goes, from ten to one:
        10) The City of Bones
        9) I am the Messenger (because the Book Thief was amazing)
        8) The Underland Chronicles
        7)The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
        6) The Last Guardian
        5)The Catcher in the Rye
        4) The Boy who Dared
        3) War and Peace
        2) The Dark Tower Series
        1) Divergent
        I’m too lazy to write the authors’ names

      • No worries, I know most of them. You’re right, the Book Thief was amazing. Keep War and Peace on there, though– it’s worth it.

        By the way, you wrote the 8000th comment. 8008th, actually, but I wrote the 8000th comment, and I write too many guest posts anyway. Would you like a guest post?

      • I’d love to do a guest post! This is so weird since I’ve never actually won something like this in my life–I’m just afraid people will hate my post and then leave mean comments about how I suck at writing…

      • I looked over your blog and didn’t see a thing wrong. Do you have a NaNoWriMo account somewhere, or should I use email?

      • I don’t have a NaNoWriMo account but I do have an embarrassing gmail account that i made when I was like ten years old: michaelpokedelli@gmail.com

      • I’ll email you the complete offer and rules.

      • I feel the need to point out that michael pokedelli is not my real name but a fake pen name that I gave myself

      • Of course. I understand.

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