“Weird” is Never an Insult

Have you ever felt ecstatically weird?

It’s a nice feeling.  It’s a happy feeling, but it’s a feeling that, when expressed, will earn you more odd looks than a cyborg penguin in court.  I felt this feeling in abundance yesterday.  Why?  Because I felt ecstatically weird.

In short, it’s a feeling of pleasure derived from the knowledge that you aren’t completely normal, but that it’s okay not to be.  It can also be defined as the feeling you experience just after you get a particularly strange or childish idea.

I felt ecstatically weird yesterday after doing a few things, listed below:

  1. I had the stupendous idea of making airplane noises and running through Wal-Mart with my arms out like wings.  The only thing that stopped me was my inability to make convincing airplane noises.
  2. In the same Wal-Mart, I looked through the watch area for a pocketwatch, because I want one.  I didn’t find any.
  3. In the same Wal-Mart, I bought a full-sized legal pad, because everyone needs a legal pad.  Until this point, I only had a small one, and though it served me admirably plotting Phil Phorce episodes and writing out different ideas, the big one is much better.
  4. Later that day, at Barnes & Noble, I bought a Latin-English/English-Latin dictionary.  It will serve me well in the years to come.
  5. At the same Barnes & Noble, I bought a book I’ve never read before (Among Thieves, by Douglas Hulick), all the while feeling a certain amount of apprehension and excitement.  I bought it on a review and have no idea whether I’ll like it or not.  I kept the receipt, though.
  6. I continued to read Les Misérables (the book, by Victor Hugo), which I began the previous night.  I will read that before I read Among Thieves.  I must say, knowing the story and prominent characters has helped me a lot in getting through the first bit.  There will probably be a post on that tomorrow, where I compare this to my experiences with Moby Dick.  Why was this so exciting?  Finishing one long book (War and Peace) and starting right in on another is really thrilling.  I don’t know why.  And it also helped me get over my I’ve-read-everything-in-the-library-except-the-paranormal-romance blues.  Also, having read War and Peace, with its Russian view of Napoleon and others, and now reading Les Misérables, with its French view of Napoleon and others, it’s fun to compare the two books.
  7. And of course, I felt ecstatically weird.  Ecstatic weirdness breeds more ecstatic weirdness, because ecstatic weirdness in itself is ecstatically weird.

I hope you find some ecstatic weirdness of your own.  It’s sublime.

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  1. Lisette Cando

     /  January 3, 2013

    I adore that feeling! It’s the knowledge that what you are doing is not commonly thought of as socially acceptable and/or common place, and then not caring. If you think it’s bad to do things differently then it’s not fun anymore. Not caring, or even feeling satisfied, about doing weird things is essential.

  2. Amanda Fischer

     /  January 3, 2013


    • Indeed. There is no unpleasant side of that emotion. There is embarrassed weirdness, but that is not ecstatic, so it doesn’t matter.

  3. Weirdness is good. I’m not sure I’ve ever been ecstatically weird, but it sounds like fun.

    Enjoy your books! I’ve started both, but never finished either.

  4. magicandwriting583

     /  January 3, 2013

    I like feeling ecstatically weird!

    A cyborg penguin in court. That invokes a very amusing image. As does running through Wal-Mart pretending to be an airplane.

    My ecstatically weird moment of today was when my brother and I were re-enacting scenes from The Princess Bride with foam swords.

  5. Weirdness is a virtue.

  6. Hm. I solve all of my Latin-English/English-Latin troubles using Whitaker’s Words. Best Latin dictionary out there! xD

  7. Erin

     /  January 3, 2013

    Being weird is the most wonderful thing in the world. Alongside popcorn. And Lord of the Rings.

    My ecstatically weird moment of the day was forming the “Hooded Heroes” club with my two year brother, which is pretty odd. Though… running through Wal-Mart while making airplane noises doesn’t sound much better.

  8. Daniel Yacoub

     /  January 4, 2013

    I often laugh maniacally on public transport purely to observe the responses of others.

  9. Nothing wrong with being a little “weird”. And who really determines what is or is not “weird”?

    • People, who by definition are weird, determine weirdness in others. It’s a tangled hypocrisy that you can’t completely extricate yourself from.

  10. Ah, weirdness. The world would be lame without it.

    That’s a shame about your airplane noises. You ought to look up a tutorial on how to do that so that next time you feel the urge to go in Wal-Mart and fly around, you can!

    Y’know, I just watched a movie that was so unbelievably weird, it was awesome. It’s called Inception. Have you seen it?

  11. I feel sorry for normal people. I always feel weird. 😀

  12. The thing about the helicopter.. i do that a lot. I don’t even like flying much so i dont know what. At least i know im not the only one :L

  13. Awesome!
    I find myself feeling ecstatically mad every so often, and can’t stop myself from giggling in an insane sort of way. This is all my fault, of course, though I can’t tell you why.

  14. Weird has always been my favourite compliment, with random coming in a close second 🙂
    My friends were dragging me somewhere once, and I got bored of being dragged, so I sat in the middle of a football (soccer) pitch. That made me feel ecstatically weird for a while. Then I realised the pitch was being used.
    I have a phobia of footballs.
    Also, a phobia of my friends, who weren’t particularly impressed. Next time, I’ll just go to Asda and make aeroplane noises. Not too many people I know work there.

    • Nothing kills ecstatic weirdness like phobias, eh? From extreme to extreme… quite an effect.

      • Most of my ecstatic weirdness is killed by phobias 😦 but I like to think that enough of it leaks out to both creep people out and inspire them to do their own little bit of weirding 😉

      • Indeed. Leakiness is good… in this instance.

  15. I feel EPICLY ECSTATICALLY AWESOMELY weeeeeeeeeird whenever I LAUGH MY HEAD OFF and ramble on at an intense speed in public. I have titled it hyper~~~~ Usually happens when you mix choco milk + me and a bff on the side. 😛

  16. I think that might have been my first comment. Possibly. And I remember reading this post, hehe…

  1. Inspiration = strange, but awesome « Magic and Writing

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