A Couple Links

Firstly, several lovely bloggers pitched in to create some pretty weird Liam, Head Phil fanfiction over on Miss Vixen’s blog.  Check that out, even if they didn’t get my nose right.  Some of the excellent contributions were from Charley R, Engie (nevillegirl), Robyn Hoode, La Stranezza, Miriam, and Miss Vixen herself.  There are more, and several of them are quite funny.

Secondly, I’ve agreed to guest post for The Book Chewers.  May is Inkheart month for them, and my post about the universally beloved Dustfinger will be appearing in time.  Watch for that.  In addition, since the Book Chewers are more about reading than writing, I’ll soon produce something in line with that, focusing on the writerly side instead.  Watch for both of those.

I have recently become aware of a rather… interesting part of internet entertainment: comic space operas!  Schlock Mercenary is basically about an amorphous mass who goes around the universe blowing stuff up.  It’s a very interesting production, and it isn’t difficult to jump into the middle.  (If you don’t want to do that, you can go back and read the first thirteen years.)

So that’s that!  Go wild.


59 thoughts on “A Couple Links

    1. Mwahahaha.

      It’s the only name for it. I have published the original Liam, Head Phil stories, glorifying my own cleverness and Quirk’s stupidity, and you guys didn’t want to wait for the next episode, so you made your own. Though I must say, ten authors is one heck of a coauthorship.

      1. Funnily. Is that even a word? And it wasn’t a conversation, exactly. But yes, Robyn did a good job er…portraying it properly, I suppose.

        You do know I only pretend to dislike Quirk, right? 😉

      2. Um…how about what I’ve read of the Phil Phorce and what you say about him and what everyone else says about him?

      3. Well, I thought I knew him well enough to write him… apparently not, though. But will anyone
        ever know a character as deeply as it’s author? (Unless the author tells us everything.) Maybe I should’ve left in the bit about Quirk trying not to grimmace as he said “All hail Liam,
        Head Phil!” And I gave him a “if looks could kill” look. But my ending was kinda long. It ended up 2071 words.
        Oh! And if Quirk keeps complaining that he should’ve had a bigger role in the party story, do tell him that I could’ve just told you to be there at 2 and left him entirely out of it.

        Quirk (if you are allowed to see this), why on earth did you put pureed bananas in your ears?

      4. Well, thank you.

        That’s fine with me. Quirk has his own blog. And Google+. And Goodreads. And NaNoWriMo account. And YWP NaNo account. Why does this sound unfair? But then… YOU are the one with 761 followers as I write this. Quirk is not.

      5. It was fun. And no, we wouldn’t have refused to let him pay for it, although I must admit it turned out much more interesting this way.

      6. Being impatient for the next Phil Phorce episode had nothing to do with it, Liam. At least not on my part.
        Do you know how we wrote it? I wrote the beginning and sent it to Seana. She wrote her bit and sent it to the next person. The next person added a bit and sent it back to Seana, who sent it to the next person. On and on it goes until all that’s left is Lily’s bit and the end. Seana sent me everything except Lily’s bit on Wednesday and I get Lily’s bit on Thursday night. I wrote the end.
        None of the plot was discussed before hand. It was all build on what others have already written. Nobody saw what happened after their bit was written except Seana (and me, but not until I was sent all but Lily’s part) until Sunday when it was posted.
        So… want to join in next time? 🙂
        (I don’t know that there will be a next time. But maybe we should do it again, sometime. Seana? Other co-conspirators? Not necessarily to celebrate anything. New plot, new story. We can leave your characters out of it, if you want, Liam. Quirk was as far as I dared to go with that in the party.)

      7. Yeah, Liam, what she said xD It was totally spontaneous, not meant to be perfect. 😉

        But it was so much fun!

      8. Might I add that it was insane to try and secretly round up bloggers without you finding out? I had to go back to ancient posts (ones so ancient that you were signing your comments as Liam Wood) and hope that you wouldn’t accidentally stumble upon my comment.

        I do think that it would be fun to do this again, but I think we should have a reason to do it. Doing it just for the sake of doing it just isn’t the same.

      9. You did an excellent job, though, Sea.

        We’ll think of an occassion, eventually. Birthdays, high follower counts, blog-versaries, Happy 3rd of Julys…

  1. Lydia said Dustfinger was taken when she gave me suggestions on what to write. Now, I know who will be writing about him. 🙂
    I’m glad you liked the story. Did we even mention your nose in it?

  2. Ooh, I follow TBC and I’m excited to see your post! 😀 I’d better get cracking on reading Inkheart. I have it from the library but it still sitting by my bed without a bookmark in it. How sad.

    1. Inkheart is one of the most amazing pieces of modern literature extant. I was flipping through the first few chapters to research for this post, and I almost broke down and read the whole thing on the spot. It’s amazing.

      1. If you need anything more, it’s basically about a book that literally comes alive. There’s a writer in there too who tries to pin down the story, but he can’t. It’s tremendous.

  3. Ooooh, you’re doing an Inkheart post too? On Dustfinger? Can’t wait! I’m doing one as well – about what would happen should my own characters come to life in the way Fenoglio’s did. Promises to be very amusing.

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