Phil Phorce: Dusters

The Phil Phorce is a fictional periodical featuring my favorite characters from my own writing.  It comes out in episodes, once every three months or so.  To find out more and to read previous episodes, please go to these two pages: About the Phils and the Phil Phorce.  Please enjoy Phil Phorce, Episode 6: Soap Opera.

“As far as we can tell, he knew exactly what had happened and was running to tell us,” said Jordan, looking at the long line of dust stretching from the bathroom by the archive room to the larger piles in the hallway. “He didn’t make it in time, though he managed to get in sight of one of our janitors, who notified us immediately.”

“Why was he in the bathroom?” asked Percival.

“There’s a trail of ink stretching back to a broken pen in the archive room. He was signing for those documents you requested and the pen broke. He went to wash his hands, and this happened.”

“So it’s either the doorknob, the floor, the faucet, the sink, the water, the soap, or anything else he brushed up against before he disappeared,” said Quirk. “We’re making progress, gentlemen.”

“Does that mean my paper towel interview was in vain?” asked Percival. That delivery man had been a jerk.

“From the water on the floor, we think he didn’t finish washing his hands,” said Jordan. “There are soap stains in the sink, as well as bubbles in some of the larger puddles.”

“Where is the old lady?” asked Quirk suddenly.

“She and Feiron took Isaac home on Gologer,” said Percival. “Isaac didn’t feel useful here.”

Quirk nodded.

“Where are the Phils?” asked Percival.

“In the lounge, trying to teach Phume how to use a drinking fountain.”

Percival turned back to Jordan. “You said there were soap stains. In the other bathroom where Christopher disappeared, there was no soap. Is there any here?”

“Yes, and a few people say they remember seeing it in the other bathroom as well. It’s bright green, so it’s a bit distinctive.”

“But it wasn’t there when we arrived,” said Quirk. “Someone must have taken it.”

“What’s the name of that soap?” asked Percival.



10 thoughts on “Phil Phorce: Dusters

      1. Ah. 😛 So, someone tampered with the soap, and later with the evidence… or was the soap meant to teleport people? *says in ominous voice* The world may never know… X-P

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