A Perfunctory Post

As of this blog post, I have reached and passed 100,000 words on my NaNoWriMo manuscript.  This means that I have effectively finished both the NaNoWriMo standard challenge (fifty thousand words), as well as the NaNo YWP challenge I set for myself (one hundred thousand words).  However, the story demands more– my first act was 30k, so as dictated by the Hollywood Formula, I’m in for a 120k novel.  That’s a lot of words, folks, but I hope to be done before the end of November so I can rest up.

In writing this novel, I’m not only using the Hollywood Formula as I usually do, but I’m also using the Save the Cat Beat Sheet, as specified for novels here.  Thanks to YAvengers for pointing me in that direction, because it has been helpful.

And with that short note, I leave you.  I still want to write today.  I’m not about to take a break just because I hit a milestone.  The break when I hit the end of this novel, however, will be legendary.  And I will post lots more then, I promise.


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