I am a Leaf on the Wind (TCWT)

Isn’t it great to realize you’ve put off your mandatory TCWT post until the day before it’s scheduled… two months in a row?  I’m so glad TCWT is back, and with it that wonderful feeling of horror.  (EDIT: and I also left this a day late.  I apologize.)

Anyway, the prompt this month is an interesting one: “If you could co-write a book with one author– living or not– who would it be and what would the book be about?”

When I was young(er), I often dreamed about coauthoring.  Not because I liked the idea of writing a book with someone, but because, infallibly, the person with whom I chose to coauthor would be rich and famous and I would be a longtime fan.  With this in mind, I fantasized about coauthoring Redwall novels with Brian Jacques, because let’s face it– his plots got a little formulaic near the end.  He wrote beautifully, but I could come up with a better story than “Villain with bad teeth attacks the Abbey, but a small group of intrepid travelers escapes and brings back help at the last moment.”

But that was then.  I know the prompt said living or dead, and I know Jacques could use some variety, but he didn’t leave anything unfinished when he died.  He didn’t have an enormous plot going on someone else would have to wrap up for him.  He wrote stand-alones, and he wrote them amazingly.  I’m content to leave his work alone.

Nowadays, though, I have trouble with the concept of coauthoring anything.  I don’t like it.  I enjoy having total control.  I enjoy figuring things out for myself– even when problems take a while to unravel.  After my first few role-playing stories here and there, I dropped out completely.  I prefer to write alone.

That being said, however, I have come dangerously close to fanfiction, even over the past few years.  I would love to take over any ailing TV show and turn it into something awesome.  Almost Human, which began last November on Fox, has an amazing world and so much potential, but the writers are still learning.  Doctor Who is much the same way; I don’t know how a show 50 years old got saddled with a head writer who can’t successfully write anything but character deaths.  I could take that show and make it so much better.  But with both of those, I wouldn’t want to co-write with anyone– JJ Abrams is great, but he picks lousy writers; and I don’t even want to get started on Moffat.  I could take those shows to new heights (after a few more years of learning, of course– I’m not that awesome already), but I wouldn’t want to co-write them.

And then, and this is the huge one, there’s Firefly.  This show is a disappointment, but not because of the writing.  The writing is spectacular, the characters are amazing, and the setting– it was all done so well.  The disappointment is in its being canceled after a single season.

Yeah, I know, a lot of people whine about that.  I’m rather late to the party.  One person, however, posited that the writers had already gone over every story they had available to them in that one season; without anything else to write, the show died.  I don’t believe that’s true.  There’s so much exploration of the world still to do, and the characters were just getting started.  A lot of shows that fail have potential, but this one seemed to succeed and still had further to go– and still died.  Whoops.

So, I guess my big choice is I’d like to co-write Firefly, Season Two, with Joss Whedon, because he is an amazing writer.  I know it’s unoriginal, but it would be awesome.

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40 thoughts on “I am a Leaf on the Wind (TCWT)

  1. Did you ever hear the joke about the two authors who thought collaborating would be fun then neither of them worked on the story beyond setting it up? The punch line: it was an excuse to start correspondence. (I’m kidding. Life has been busy for both us.)

    If I could collaborate with any author, living or dead… um… Tolkien, L’engle, and… you.

    1. Oh, that’s a good one! It’s very familiar, though… (So sorry about that. I know it’s my job to get the ball rolling, but… eh. You can go for it if you want.)

      Ooh! Those are all good choices.

      1. (I don’t need another writing project right now, but thank you. We’ll work on it later. Or forget about it and say it’s my fault. I might be some sort of bad luck for collaborating. Every collaboration I’ve attempted turned out badly.)

        Thank you. I thought they were good choices, too.

      2. You know what? I take that back. I had one collaboration that turned out pretty well, I thought. But that was ten-person, completely pantsed collaboration.

      3. Actually, even though it was my idea and I started it off, I had no idea I was going to be the one to end it.

      4. Regardless of whether or not that was noticeable, I think you have a point about being in control. I’d say that comes from being the oldest sibling for me. The same thing wants me to be organized, but it doesn’t prevail usually.

  2. *nods* You and I should write Doctor Who. Actually, it should be you, me, and Fanta. Ask to read her fanfiction some time – it’s better than most episodes of the show.

  3. I’m torn on the whole co-author thing. For the most part, I agree with you: I’m a control freak. Which, actually, is probably why I like to write in the first place — I get to control the whole UNIVERSE that way. [insert maniacal cackle here]

    At the same time, though, it would be incredibly helpful to have someone writing with me to motivate my lazy butt. I love writing, probably more than breathing, but I have been legally diagnosed with chronic distractedness (it kind of like schizophrenia, only not) and Limited Creative Attention Span Disorder (LCASP). But when I have a deadline, the words flow like [insert some sort of creative simile for “a lot” here].

    1. Agreed, although I don’t function quite as well with deadlines– I function more easily by beating them. Having a deadline to finish something is fine, but I will always try to get ahead and finish early so that I can laugh in the deadline’s face. I’m not sure how I would function on a down-to-the-wire thing.

      I don’t know if you know this already, but I started a chatroom a while ago for word wars. If you’re interested, I could give you the link, or you could find it somewhere on this site.

      1. I bow with respect before your deadline-conquering genius. There are times when I am that way too (I call it Superman Mode), and I get stuff done weeks or months in advance. And then there are times when I am not that way. [cough]

        I wasn’t aware of this chatroom — and, seeing as “competitive” is listed among my vices (along with the aforementioned laziness and controlling nature), it sounds like it would be, um, productive for me to get involved. [insert emoticon of your choice here] Right now, however, I have an extremely limited access to the internet, so the frequency of my participation is questionable.

      2. Oh, thank you very much! [bookmarks the link] We’ll see how long it takes me to remember that I saved the link. [wagers starting at five dollars]

  4. I tried coauthoring when I was…uh, eight I think? I have never done it since, and I like it better that way. So…I’m with you on this one, I guess.

  5. To be honest, co-authoring is a kind of nightmarish. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a control-freak with my writing, so… yeah. I’ve tried it twice, though; the first time, the other author seemed a little like he was relying on me for all of the ideas, and the second time, we weren’t communicating well, so on both accounts, the projects flopped at about chapter two or so.

    I definitely like working on my own better. That’s not to say I don’t like bouncing ideas off of people when I’m brainstorming, but aside from that…yeah.

  6. you don’t like co-authoring? *insert dramatic gasp* absolutely despicable. Although, I actually understand because I’ve been writing a book with my sister and we write very differently. Different speeds (i’m the slower one), different voices (I’m the more sarcastic one. and the smarter one) , etc. It’s been a little rocky sometimes 😀 but I’ve learned a lot! especially about writing unique character voices because I get to write two. yay. 🙂

  7. Nice post! Hadn’t thought about writing for a TV show. That would be interesting.

    Someday, I will finish watching Firefly. The parental units didn’t like the few episodes we saw for some reason, but since then we watched Castle (another Nathan Fillion show, about a writer who helps solve murders) and their interest is piqued again.

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