Phil Phorce: Flying Suds

The Phil Phorce is a fictional periodical featuring my favorite characters from my own writing.  It comes out in episodes, once every three months or so.  To find out more and to read previous episodes, please go to these two pages: About the Phils and the Phil Phorce.  Please enjoy Phil Phorce, Episode 7.

Quirk crouched behind a mound in the Blanks’ arena, trying to determine the functions of his spheres of soap.

Phoenix ducked behind the mound and glanced at him. “Anything look interesting?”

Quirk shook his head. “I still can’t figure out what everything is supposed to do.”

Phoenix handed him a wad of paper; instructions for each type of sphere.

“Why do you keep getting instructions and I don’t?”

“I stole them from the lab where they make the soap,” said Phoenix. “You have to admit, it’s handy.”

“Sure,” said Quirk. “Is this sphere magenta or violet?”

“I’d say magenta,” said Phoenix.

“Are you sure?”

She shrugged.

“This is important. If I accidentally use the wrong sphere, Percival’s nose could become sentient.”

“His nose already has enough of an attitude as it is,” said Phoenix. “Just pick a sphere and let’s go. They’re winning again.”

“Did I tell you how I defeated the Flit with a blue sphere?” asked Quirk.

“Yes,” said Phoenix. “Several times.”

“It was pretty awesome. Did I tell you about the coronation?”


“It’s weird to think of Isaac as a king,” he said. “I just… don’t want things to change. I wish he were still here, still a prince. I wish we hadn’t been so hard on him to make him leave.”

“Sphere!” shouted Phoenix, pushing his head down as a yellow sphere splattered on the top of the mound. They scrambled to their feet, Quirk running one way and Phoenix the other, flinging spheres to cover themselves. They joined up again behind another mound.

“I mean, it just bugs me that while Liam was Head Phil, he was content, but with me as Head Phil, he wants to leave. Liam wasn’t even that great.”

“Liam was definitely better than you,” said Phoenix. “Personal opinion, of course. Don’t take it to heart.”

“Thanks a lot.”

“But seriously—”

“Run!” shouted Quirk as Sebase stepped around the side of the mound. He ducked a sphere and threw one of his own into Sebase’s face, point blank. Sebase swelled up like a giant beach ball. Quirk rolled him along, using him as cover until he could get to another mound.

“Seriously, though,” said Phoenix, joining him. “Isaac wasn’t just discontent with you. When Liam was possessed by the Castle Under the Cloud, Isaac tried to go home, but had to come back.”

“Feiron made him come back because his father was getting murdered,” said Quirk. “It was a bad time for the whole family.”

“Is that what happened? Still, Isaac’s discontent is nothing new. I’m amazed that he lasted this long, actually.”

“Are you trying to encourage me?”

“Was I? I sure wasn’t trying to. Give me a sphere.”

Quirk gave her two of his remaining spheres. “Use them wisely.”

“Can I have the blue sphere too?” asked Phoenix.

Quirk shook his head. “I’ve had pretty good luck with these spheres. I’m keeping this one.”

Phoenix shrugged. “On three?”

Quirk nodded. “One… two…”

Phoenix ran before he could say three. Quirk muttered to himself and scrambled to his feet, but Percival stepped around the side of the mound, already throwing a red sphere. Quirk froze as it hit, immobilized by the soap.

Percival grinned. “Payback,” he said as he pushed Quirk into a transporter pillar.

After thirty seconds of pure pain, Quirk found himself in the viewing area, watching the action with Jordan and some of the other Phils through a one-way mirror. He grimaced, but he had to acknowledge Percival’s well-timed attack.

And what Phoenix had said— was that true? Isaac wanted to leave anyway, even since Liam was Head Phil. He couldn’t decide if it was annoying— he should have been a better Head Phil than Liam, and made Isaac’s experience better— or gratifying. But one thing was for certain: Liam had ended his reign in death and destruction. How could Quirk do any worse?


41 thoughts on “Phil Phorce: Flying Suds

  1. Robyn stole what I was going to say, so I shall repeat.

    *Applause!* Lovely episode, sir! Well done.

    Looks like we can look forward to more character development for Quirk. Love that line about Percival’s nose becoming sentient. Will we be seeing anymore of Isaac in the distant future?

      1. With any other fandom, we would be posting stuff on tumblr and Pinterest and writing fanfiction to get us through this hiatus. But we are not any old fandom. We don’t even have a fandom name.

      2. Fandom name… Phillies? Phorcers? Philfans? Just Phils? Phans?

        You know… There are at least three Phil Phorce Fans on Pinterest, plus Liam. We could make our own fanart and board. (Somehow I doubt Liam would approve of phanphiction.) I’m not a particularly good artist, but it wouldn’t be hard to do something like “You know you’re a Philly/Phan/whatever when…” (Perhaps this is a ridiculous idea, but it does sound kinda fun.)

      3. So this is what we do when Liam leaves… He’s going to either be flattered or annoyed or some very strange combination of both.

        I like Phorcers. Phillies sounds like we’re horses.
        And yes, I don’t believe Liam would approve of Phanphiction (that just about kills me to spell…).

        While we are on the subject, I’m just going to add that there’s a couple I ship in this.

      4. Yeah, I thought the same. At least we aren’t putting the heads of the main characters on hedgehogs or otters.

        “Keep calm and use the Phorce!”

        Ooh, a couple with a ship… Phoenix and Quirk? I loved their banter in this episode.

      5. HTML for the struck though is the word strike.

        “Keep Calm and Jump Off the Cloud.”

        That’d be the ship. 🙂

      6. I just realized something. “Philles” could be a play on the French word for girls “filles”.

      7. Actually, I guess the answer is, now I try to write a paper on a book I really didn’t like. Huh.

        Well, I’d better learn now, I suppose.

      8. “Phil Phorce Bucket List #1: Be initiated into the Phils.”
        “…#2: Explore the Castle.”
        “…#3: Behold the logical process of the Phils.”
        “…#4: Watch Pride and Prejudice and Explosions with the Old Lady and Phoenix.”

      9. P&P with Phoenix and the Old Lady, YES.

        “…#5: Torment Quirk with MPL dolls.”
        “…#6: Play Soap Ball.” (Or whatever that’s called.)
        “…#7: Visit King Isaac in his country.”

      10. “…#8: Read in the Old Lady’s library.”
        “…#9: Go back in time with Percival.”

      11. “…#12: Go to the Fantasy Fiesta. Even if I have to sneak in and save someone’s life to do it.”
        “…#13: Play with the buttons in the Castle basement.”
        “…#14: Fix whatever problems #13 caused.”

      12. (Thanks! I considered adding playing ping pong to the ones I did :). )

        “#17: Read Quirk’s story and help him find the rest of it.”

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