Short Story Challenge: The Result

Last week (last year, in fact), I posted a short story challenge.  In 24 hours, write, edit, and publish a short story.  The ideal playground was New Year’s Eve, when sleep deprivation is socially acceptable anyway.  Some people decided to take it easy and start in the early afternoon, and some people (like me) started a bit too late.  Some people decided not to participate after all, and some decided not to publish.  Nevertheless, several people wrote short stories and posted them not a day later.  Those lucky writers began the new year having already affirmed their writing identities— they can now go on with their lives and write as much or as little as they wish.

Writing more is more fun, but still.

Those who participated (that I know of) are listed below, in no particular order.  I’ve tried to read and comment on all of them.  If you value a good short story, you’d be wise to do the same.

Last New Year’s Eve, by Rachel (typographigirl)

Nothing but the Tooth, by Robyn Hoode

Game Over, by Shim (magicandwriting)

Erasing the Future, by Anna Lee

Auld Lang Syne, by Erin (erinkenobi2893)  (For those interested, she posted another, original short story more recently: Dawn.)

Attack on Trowbridge, by Lily J

Smile, by agoodoldfashionedvillain

Avengers New Year, by Iris

A New Year’s Mistake, by Darci Cole (aka Thor)

And Briar Eden wrote a story as well, which unfortunately has remained untitled.  You can find that here.

You can find my short story, A Death of Stone, here.  Congratulations to all who rose to the challenge.  I hope this can happen again, if only in a year.  If you enjoyed the challenge of writing a short story, but found the 24-hour bit odious, you don’t need an occasion to write a short story.  This challenge proves several things: you’re all capable of producing a good story under a deadline, you’re bold enough to publish something you wrote (I know mine was imperfect— I’d have liked to have had another week to edit), and you can write a short story almost on command.  Sit down and write.  There’s nothing better for you and your writing career.


9 thoughts on “Short Story Challenge: The Result

  1. Happy new year! *throws confetti* *confetti hits me in the head* *facepalms*
    I always manage to make a fool of myself, and alcohol isn’t even involved. (Well, except for that one time with the hand sanitizer, but we don’t talk about that…) Ah well. At least I’ll be used to it by the time all my friends are legal drinking age.

      1. I’m watching “The Devil’s Brigade” with my brother over a few days. I’m enjoying it more than “A Bridge Too Far” or “The Bridges at Toko-Ri.” Corporal Peacock and Sergeant O’Neill are my favorites. (The Sergeant is the best.)

  2. Hehe, I couldn’t have started late even if I wanted to. At about 11:30 on New Years Eve, I kind of lost any and all ability to concentrate or form actual words.

    That challenge also proved another thing, to me at least, and that was that I can write something new. That short story was rather different than anything I’ve written before. It was awesome, though.

  3. Yay to everyone who participated!!!

    This challenge also showed me something else. It showed me that 3:30 AM really stinks. So, I will be avoiding ever staying up writing that late for the rest of my life.

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