Several funny things happened yesterday— not surprising, considering its April Fool’s Day status.  I usually don’t do anything for April Fools.  If it makes someone else feel bad or really confused, the prank isn’t worth it to me.  But April first was also a scheduled wrap-up day for the YAvengers blog.  Combine the two and what do you get?

I would encourage you to check out that wrap-up post.  March at YAvengers was about voice, mood, and style, and we wrote some pretty good posts.  (And the puns in the wrap-up alone…  I’m still cringing at myself.)  If the wrap-up doesn’t suit you, I’ve compiled Spider-Man’s Twitter takeover for you below.  Enjoy.

If you enjoyed this compilation, follow @YAvengers and @YASpidey on Twitter.  We can’t promise heroic shenanigans all the time, but we can promise quality blog posts, monthly Twitter chats, and Spider-Man glorifying foods both red and delicious.

Thanks for reading.


21 thoughts on “Spider-Blogger

    1. Thanks.

      Sorry, you had to post this twice. I edited your post to fix the formatting a little (the italics were messed up or something) and for some reason WordPress stuck my icon on your picture. I didn’t know why, so I unapproved it, hoping it would go away, but… yeah. Thanks for posting it again.

  1. I think I died laughing. Several times, actually. (And I finally saw “The Winter Soldier.” Ouch. That darn movie kept hitting me while I was down.)
    Hilarious! I love this, Liam. Great April Fools’ Day prank! 😀

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