See Ya!

It’s time for me to leave.  Once again, watch the YAvengers blog for updates from me, which I wrote and scheduled this past month.  Enjoy your summers, and I’ll see you in November!



6 thoughts on “See Ya!

  1. BOOO. You can’t leave just as I’m coming back from my trip.

    Just kidding. Have a wonderful time! I look forward to your return.

  2. Hey, Liam… when you have a chance to read this… I have a question. Is it okay if I make the real name of one of my characters “Liam”? He was inspired by a lot of your posts and a few of your concepts from the “Phil Phorce” episodes.
    Anyway, the story that would feature him is kind of a new idea. Dreams are so realistic sometimes, and we always seem to be the heroes of our dreams, so I was wondering… what if dreams were real and we were really fairy tale heroes in an alternate world, but only when we’re dreaming? The real inhabitants of that world think that the dreamers–their heroes–are immortal, but that’s actually not true–in the world we’re awake in, some people who are in comas are actually dreaming themselves to death. Some people are becoming addicted to dreams, and others are “stealing” dreams. Anyway, Cael (pronounced like Kale)–the main character (his real name is Ethan–“Cael” is his dreamer hero name)–who is more of a classic hero and sort-of a newcomer to the hero business–meets Arden, who is part detective, part wizard, and who has been trying to set things right in the dreaming world. Arden’s mentor Sciel has gone missing. Anyway, Arden is the one who I’d like to name Liam in the waking world. He can be a bit like Percival at times (meaning a bit arrogant), wears a jacket like the Ninth Doctor’s in the waking world (but it looks more like Aragorn’s in the dreaming world, for some reason), and is very driven. He can be dismissive of newcomer heroes, calling them “amatuers,” but he tries to be kind, and practically the first thing he does is to warn Cael not to trust him, as he’s not always honest or trustworthy. (I think he’s already probably my favorite…)
    Anyway, I just liked the concept of everyone having superpowers, but no one (except for a few) actually realize it.

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