How’s life?

The first trimester at school is over.  The four months of internet silence, such as they were, are officially over, and I’m back.  More or less.  I plan to post more often on the blog (more often than once every four months, that is), but I cannot hope to post as often as I once did.  I hope you understand.

Anyway, how are you all?  What’s happened in your last four months of existence?


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  1. GASP! That’s right! It’s…it’s November! (Or close enough.) I’m ashamed to say I forgot what November meant in this respect. But I’m very glad you’re back-more-or-less.

    Last four months…all right, let’s see. July: VBS and mission trip to Washington State. Both exhausting, both great. August: Um…school. And trying to find a job. September: Finding a job, starting said job, starting co-op, and more school. Basically exhausting. October: Working said job quite a lot. Also, school. And co-op. And missions conference at church.

    Other than major things like that: a good bit of yarn work, a very little bit of writing, a small amount of violin, a mediumish amount of reading, a large amount of Dutch, and way, way too much laughing. Also minor catastrophes like the time I pulled a cone out of the box and the entire box–and its holder–toppled off the wall and fell apart in my hands in front of about twenty customers.

    Yeah…work gives me lots of stories. Sadly, not novel-length ones.

    If I ask nicely will you tell us something about your four months?

      1. I’m taking a less serious angle this year by creating a medieval-ish world in classic comedy-fantasy style. The I’ve got a load of weird and wonderful characters running around and pursuing their life-goals.
        This is also, however, my first time on the adult site, and there appears to be no way I’m going to hit the 50,000, but at least it is pushing me.

  2. So, basically, I’m not the only one who’s vanished for the past few months, huh? My life has been so busy that I’ve completely ignored my blog. And all creative writing. But I’ve determined to start anew, and seeing that someone else is reappearing may well be just the push I needed.


    I so needed the burst of dopamine that resulted from seeing you had posted again.

    I have to go eat dinner now will give life update afterwards.

    1. We return from our spontaneous dinner break and resume Updates in the Life of Lily:

      1. I freaking love my library job.
      2. I have switched majors from Radiology to Library Science and this makes me INCREDIBLY HAPPY LIBRARIES FOR LIFE.
      3. The fact that I have a really annoying professor who thinks it’s okay to inform us on Monday that we need to conduct an interview and write a paper on it by Sunday, however, is not so fun.
      5. I have discovered the wonders of having one’s own personal dry erase board.
      6. I sent a novel to an alpha reader for THE FIRST TIME EVER and it was glorious.
      7. I have since sent the same novel to a coworker, who started reading it after having a few drinks with a friend and who was so impressed with my writing that she decided she needed to be fully sober before she continued. I consider this to be one of the best compliments I have ever received.
      8. Maggie Stiefvater approved of my turning her last name into a verb. Behold: https://twitter.com/mstiefvater/status/629576652469739520
      9. There is a joke between me and a few of my coworkers that I am a fairy princess with plans for world domination. I dubbed one of them a dragon rider because he used to be in the Air Force.
      11. I have discovered the wonders that are rutabagas.
      12. Somehow in the last few months my sister has practically gone goth in her style. This is highly entertaining when you consider that her clothes used to be almost entirely pink, and now they are slowly becoming more and more black.
      13. My sister also works at the library now.
      14. I will be writing a legit fantasy with legit magic next and it is sort of going to be science fantasy with magic beans and cyborgs and dragons and gene splicing and black markets and it is going to be amazing.

      I think that covers all the high points.

      1. I’m laughing. Thanks.

        So you mean Chick-Fil-A employees aren’t the only ones who decide each other have devious schemes up their sleeves?

      2. You are very welcome.

        No, indeed they are not! I forgot how exactly the “I’m going to take over the world” thing got started, but I think I made the joke, and it’s turned into a running thing, especially with the dragon rider. And part of what makes it especially hilarious is that I’m one of the cheeriest, friendliest people who works at the library, and yet this fictitious alter ego of mine has plans for world domination.

      3. 1-3. Libraries are awesome. Teachers with scheduling issues… not so much.
        d. Why did you number this one d instead of 4? It’s an interesting choice. As is blinding green.
        5. Dry erase boards are one of my favorite things in life. If I could I would have twenty.
        6. Awesome. It’s an interesting experience.
        7. Now that’s awesome. Congratulations. I wish you continued success.
        8. That’s a very good verb.
        9. I see you’re using your time well.
        10. I like how this number doesn’t exist in your idea of math.
        11. I have yet to discover the glories of rutabagas.
        12. Your sister got style.
        13. See reply 12.
        14. That sounds awesome. I wish you luck.

      4. d. I numbered it d because I wanted to see if you would notice. You did. Congratulations. You win an insubstantial, blue, floating donkey with wings that started out in life as a rabbit. His name is Killer.
        5. I wish I had twenty dry erase boards. The one I have is crammed full of notes already.
        12. That she does. I think I mentioned this the other night, but as of Thursday, she is also now a redhead. It’s a good color for her.

  4. This is Lily commenting with her Mom’s info because if she doesn’t then Mom’s computer will be set to comment on all WordPress blogs as Lily and that would not be good.


    Well, I guess starting a new blog happened. I haven’t been posting as much as I would like but I will be updated shortly about Nano. Because that’s happening. I’ve also been pretty crazy with school, and two jobs, and still trying to maintain a social life…But this year’s been going fairly well actually.

    How have your past four months been? It’s been noticeably quieter in the blogosphere without you here…


    Wait, you want me to actually summarize what’s happened in the past four months? In just one blog comment? *ponders if that’s even physically possible* Well, shortest version ever:
    I’m a college student while also still finishing high school—oh, and you remember when I was complaining about writing essays and you told me to pretend it was a blog post that was more formal? That actually worked, ’cause oh my gosh I’ve now written several essays that didn’t suck! Thank you so much for that advice.
    My baby sister, who’s seven months old now, is the absolute most adorable monster you’ll ever see. She’s also decided the past few days that I’m her favorite person and I can’t walk past her without her freaking out and making me pick her up. And oh my gosh she is heavy!
    I had a birthday.
    I finished editing a novel without restarting it from scratch for the very very very first time in my entire life, and it’s…kind of anticlimactic. I guess because whereas draft two is better than draft one, it…still sucks. Oh well. Now for…draft three! Yay!
    I finally broke down and drew some fanart, which everybody’s wanted me to do for ages now. Only two drawings and both for not-well-known fandoms, but eh. (Oh, and I don’t hate the drawings. Never thought I’d ever be able to draw as many things as I’ve drawn in the past few months and not despise all of them! It’s amazing!)
    Since school started, I’ve begun to get stress headaches, which aren’t fun, but I guess it forces me to control my stress better (because I really wasn’t before, heh).
    I read the Raven Cycle, so now you can mention the books and I won’t be left in the dark. They were pretty good, though I decided I liked Scorpio Races better.
    My blog is still sadly flailing in partial-existence, and I totally blame school, but I’m going to keep trying because… I don’t even know why I keep blogging. Honestly have no idea. But I keep doing it, for whatever unknown reason that is.
    I came up with a pen name for myself that I really like and my mom had me go and steal all of the social medias with the name before somebody else stole it. Now I have more social media accounts that I…don’t use, hehe.
    My optometrist decided to make me see an ophthalmologist, and I had a CT scan, four MRIs, some blood tests, and other eye exams, all for the ophthalmologist to tell me that…my eyes are perfectly healthy! Yay! Well, except for needing glasses.

    I’ve so totally improved over saying things in less words, heh heh heh… or maybe not at all. I’m glad your back now! As Erin’s said, it’s been much emptier lately without your posts.

    1. Sounds like a lot to squeeze into four months. You seem to have done well for yourself.

      Personally, I prefer the Raven Cycle over the Scorpio Races, but TSR is definitely a great book. I’m looking forward to the Raven King next March.

      1. Yeah, it definitely was. The past few months, particularly the last two, have probably been the busiest months of my life. Sometimes, when I have a day that isn’t so busy, I have to sit and figure out what to do with myself.

        Oh they’re both great. Probably the only reason TSR won higher place for me was because a few of the characters in the Raven Cycle reminded me of something I wasn’t totally prepared to be reminded of and that… well. I didn’t expect it. Anyway, though, I am looking forward to the Raven King. I saw the book cover for it when it was first revealed and it is awe-some!

  7. Liam, you’re back! So good to see you.

    To be honest, I vanished from the blogosphere almost as totally as you did, except without being so considerate as to let anyone know I was going. Back in September I was going to make a post, but a couple of things came up and I couldn’t immediately, and then I forgot.

    This year has been fun, but pretty crazy. I have started university (studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics: interesting enough to study as a hobby, let alone as degree), got a part-time job (tutoring), started playing ultimate frisbee (the friendliest sport ever), and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately, though, I’ve found that writing, blogging and, to a large extent (scarily), reading, have been pushed out of my life. I finished my last exam for the year yesterday, though, so I should have a bit more time for the present (until I find a summer job, at least).

    One thing of interest: I finished listening to The Count of Monte Cristo! That book was a masterpiece, and kept my bus trips interesting for nearly four months.

    I’m looking forward to getting your posts again!

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