Who Am I? 2-4-6-0-1!

My name is Liam Wood.  I am eighteen years of age.  This blog is for what I learn about writing fiction through reading, writing, or just thinking.  Every so often I post short stories trying out a few techniques, or author interviews.  I also contribute to the YAvengers blog as Captain America.

My favorite genre is fantasy.  My favorite characters are traitors.  My favorite books are long, complicated classics like Les Miserables or The Count of Monte Cristo.  In fact, any modern book with complicated storylines, shocking plot twists, and good suspense will quickly become one of my favorites.  (It’s actually surprising how few books there are that meet those criteria.)

As for this blog, it is for things I learn.  That is all.  I won’t try to bore you with my personal life, nor will I write many short posts.  I prefer to write 800-word-average posts, a few every week.  I don’t try to post every day, nor do I try to post on any sort of schedule.  However, I will never neglect this blog for long.

My rules for commenting are simple: anyone can comment.  I will edit out any profanity I see, and I would prefer if you would keep things clean.  Full rules about commenting are posted here.  For the grand milestones of commenting awesomeness, I like to award guest posts to whoever wrote the thousandth comment or whatever it happened to be.  I don’t award guest posts at other times, and I don’t give guest posts when asked to.  However, if you stick around and comment enough, chances are good that you’ll end up with a post here sooner or later.  That being said, I will gladly guest post for anyone who asks me to.

This blog is about writing, and it has acquired many followers, more than I ever thought possible.  Just remember that I don’t write this blog for you, my readers– you’re just the audience.  I write this blog for me.  I’ll keep things interesting for the people who aren’t inside my head at the moment, but don’t think that I’m trying to teach you anything.  I’m eighteen, for goodness’ sake– I am not an expert at anything.  I’m honored that you would read my blog, but I won’t assume superiority.  I would keep writing this blog whether I had an audience or not.

But for putting up with me, I sincerely thank you.  You guys are awesome.


300 thoughts on “Who Am I? 2-4-6-0-1!

      1. Oh, I’ve got those too, but they’re only for backup. I stopped carrying them around with me after the axe got me arrested in airport security. Kidding.

    1. I am a teen, and a writer, and that makes me a teen writer, I suppose. I saw the topic for this upcoming month. Wacky search terms… I’ll try, though I’m relatively to blogging, and so have not gotten many search terms. It sounds fun. I’ll sign up. Thanks!

  1. Hi Liam, I’m participating in the Teens Can Write Too!! blog chain and I couldn’t help but notice you and I have the same last name. Would you know of any relatives with the first name of Taylor by any chance? It would be cool to find a long lost relative. Thanks!


      1. I get it! Les Mis! 🙂

        Wow. You post once a day. I could never do that… There’s simply not much useful/post-worthy stuff that goes on in my daily life, I suppose. Here’s where I’d say that I love your blog, but I’ve been around for about seven minutes, so that seems kind of extreme. But your blog is very nice. 🙂

      2. I don’t post once a day, I confess– it’s usually about thrice a week. I post often, though, which is acceptable to me. I’m glad you enjoy what of the blog you’ve seen.

  2. Rick Riordan forever! I love him along with the rest of the teenage fantasy freaks. I really need to read all the rest of his books that I haven’t read yet. I’m glad he writes a lot of books. This makes me happy. And I shall have to add you on the NaNoWriMo site. Soon. Very soon.

    1. Thanks! I’ll take that guest post. I must say, however, that since I don’t have my own email, I prefer to conduct blog-related transactions through NaNoMail, if possible. Since you’re a NaNoer, it would be great if we could do it that way. If you would NaNoMail me, I’ll get you that post as soon as I write it. Thanks again!


    And you’ve read Chris d’Lacey’s books (he’s my friend’s uncle, by the way), and you’re an Artemis Fowl fan… we should hang out 😉

    Have to admit, though, not a big Beethoven fan. Not really a big fan of Classical era music. Love a bit of Bach or Handel, and adore Tchaikovsky, but most things in between don’t really do it for me. My favourite composer is probably Shostakovich (I’m a big fan of the Russians – Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Prokofiev – even if it takes me several goes to spell their names correctly).

    1. Shostakovitch is so great! He’s the greatest! I love his eighth string quartet! It’s so darn awesome! I believe that after Beethoven my favorite composers are all Russian, starting with Tchaikovsky and Shostakovitch. Prokofiev is great too. I believe I must update this page…

      You’re related to Chris D’Lacey? That’s so cool! We should definitely hang out. One thing I have going with other friends is a NaNoMail conversation, so if you want to send me something I’d be happy to talk.

      Yes, if you don’t have a Les Mis reference in a couple of places, you’re missing out.

      1. Not related, my friend from school is 🙂 (And I didn’t believe him, so I managed to get an email to Chris d’Lacey and ask him if he had a nephew called Tom… and he did and asked me to say hi. Lol. I felt bad after that.)

      2. Indeed, ’tis very cool. I made him a dragon out of clay, you know. Tom, that is, not Chris d’Lacey. He was very nice about it. It’s called Zanna, and even four and a half years later he still keeps it next to the Gadzooks model that his uncle gave him.
        I still have an abnormally large dragon collection…

      3. No! You’ve got to name it with a G name! No Z’s! That’s going to make it go to sleep on you! Name it something like… Ah, I don’t know, but something with a G. 🙂

      4. Ha ha, my dragon is very different to all the others. It’s black, for a start, and much smaller. Also, her wing kept falling off. *sigh*

      5. Yes, that was the thinking behind it, I think. It’s black, and the wings are grey with black edges and ridges (I was never very good at them). Her spine is grey too, as are her little horns. She’s standing/sitting on a rock. I made her as a copy of a dragon I own (which is called Moira).

      6. Moira is my favourite, certainly. I have Moira, Bartimaeus, Aderyn, Snowfire and a couple of others whose names I have forgotten that I bought or was given, and then Jenny that I made, and another one which I made but I’ve forgotten the name of… yeah. I’m good at this whole thing.

      7. I have indeed. And there’s a G there … isn’t there? No? Oh, okay. Mehhh. I’m sure one of them was a G (probably one of the many I cannot remember), but I couldn’t think up many names 😀 I named Moira before I read them, actually – we’re going back a long way now!

      8. Oh, well, doesn’t matter that much. I just try to make my mental picture of the species of dragon line up with as many accounts as I can. Thus, my dragons have G names (Gologer, for example, though his children don’t have them).

      9. You should see my dragon collection, they’re very eclectic and I’m pretty sure there aren’t many species there. Unless ‘resin’, ‘clay’ and ‘beads’ are separate species *snorts*

      10. You guys are forgetting about the greatest Russian composer ever – Rachmaninoff!! How could you forget about him?? His Preludes in C# minor and G minor are ingenious! Though they are more fun to listen to than to play. I had to perform both for piano competitions, and I worked so long on the pieces, I’m really starting to hate playing them. But still, Rachmaninoff was a genius!

  4. Les Mis reference.


    Love the blog, by the way. It’s nice to see that there are other teenagers thinking critically and writing really well about important/profound stuff (as well as some not-so-important/profound stuff). Gives me hope for humanity!

  5. Hey Liam! It’s me, Alyssa; yes, from Phil, and no, not from your group of characters. It’s so cool how you have this whole website and everything–I love your excerpts too. A-maze-ing!!

  6. Hey Liam, I’m eshy. I believe you know me. Or of me rather. I dunno. Maybe both. Anywho I’m wondering if you’d like to help me out with something I’m planning for my blog, eshysletters, please get back to me as soon as possible. -with love or hate(not sure which), eshy,

    1. My dear “eshy”,
      You’ve come by here before, so yes, I know you. I also subscribe to your blog, so I know you in two respects.
      I’d be happy to help with whatever you wish, if it’s within my power. I would like to know what exactly I’m helping with, however.
      Liam, Head Phil

      1. Liam, it’s a contest on my blog that would involve your blog. May I email you? Or you can email me. As I don’t know/can’t find(I tried) your email. -with love(I decided), eshy,

      2. Are you part of NaNoWriMo? I prefer to conduct my transactions there, rather than over email. If so, that would be great. If not, we’ll have to make do.
        Liam, Head Phil

  7. Hello, for the book I’m creating, you’re going to be listed as being one of the authors, what would you like your name to be? -Respond soon, eshy,

  8. Okie doke. I’m going to see if I can still change it without messing up my cover. If I can’t then on the cover you’re going to be “Liam”, is that okay?

  9. Hey I PMed you all the details for the contest. Please look at it really soon. Like now. Sorry, I don’t want to be bossy but you kinda um need to. PLEASE. Okay, well thanks. Just thought I’d let you know so you know to check your inbox. Note: read both PMs

  10. You are offically cool. I love Rick Riordan too and I keep running into books that you referance and that I have read! The only problem is your cello… as a violinist I dont know I I should be ssen talking to you…

    1. I’m glad you enjoy the same things I do. As for the cello thing… I don’t own a cello. I have openly declared, on multiple occasions, my animosity towards cellists in general. So I’d say you’re perfectly fine. (My main instrument is piano, so even if I was a cellist you could use that as an excuse.)

  11. 2-4-6-0-1! Love it! My husband and I have seen Les Miz 8 times. We took our boys to see it here in Atlanta in April, and it will comfort them to know they are not the only people under 30 who like it. Congrats on your blog–well done.

  12. i love Dumas! nice to know someone else has read his books! once when i said i enjoyed reading the three musketeers (and the rest of the series) some people said ‘there are books?’…. 😦 i love adventure books (although i like it when they also have fantasy…love dragons). re composers, again, nice that other people like other music not just pop, rock or jazz. i do really like beethoven although i must say i prefer early music (i absolutely love baroque music, esp. Vivaldi)….
    what was that about animosity towards cellists? why? its such a beautiful instrument!

    1. I’m happy to find a “kindred spirit”. As for the cello thing… It’s all a huge joke. I love celli. Cellists aren’t bad either. On this blog, however, I may have constructed the illusion of hating celli and their players. It’s all in good fun; please don’t judge me by it as so many other cellists have already. I’d appreciate it.

  13. Hi, Liam! It’s Emily, the other bassist from Philharmonia last year. Keri mentioned your blog a couple of weeks ago at summer camp, so I thought I’d stop by, and now that I’m here, I have to say – this is awesome.

    Also, congratulations on getting accepted into YS.

  14. Liam! I found a cool link about naming fantasy characters I thought you might like, but I don’t want the machine to think I’m spam and I can’t remember how to email you…Help?

    1. Stranezza! I don’t like to get emails, so perhaps you could just go through NaNoMail like the rest of the world! If you need a reminder, I’m dragonfirehurts on the NaNoWriMo and YWP sites. You know what, just check your NaNoMail after you read this.

      1. No, I forget you’re a person too. I always assume you’re a robot, then I’m terribly disappointed when I realize that you can’t blow something up for me… So think nothing of it.

    1. Hey, I’d love to accept, but I’ve already received that award. Twice. And I believe I’ve been nominated another time on top of that, so you make the fourth nomination… or something like that. Sorry– I’d love to oblige, and I’ll still check out the post, but I can’t accept.

  15. Love Beethoven! And your blog! All these exclamation points are making me cringe!
    (I don’t know what happened to classical music. It’s like someone just shoved a bow-tie on it and suddenly it’s only allowed to be heard by sophisticated people. At Carnegie Hall. Whilst wearing a suit. )

    Anyway, one teen to another, you have any tips on writing (blogging, school) for this young grasshopper (me)?

    P.S Any good books you’ve read lately? I’m running dry in the reading department.

    1. High five! I actually did listen to classical music in Carnegie Hall about a week ago, but I didn’t like much of it. Beethoven on my iPod is better.

      All I can say is follow my blog and comment regularly. That way I get to know you and get to know your preferences, and can possibly answer questions you have. The blog is mainly for writing down things I just learned about writing, so a lot can be gleaned from those posts (I hope). For tips on blogging, if you go to this post– https://insideliamsbrain.wordpress.com/tips-for-life/tips-on-practical-things/how-to-gain-followers-comments-and-views/ –you should be able to learn a few things that you might already know. Thanks for joining me!

  16. Ahhhh can I be your friend?
    I’m not nearly as good as a writer; I just started out with this blogging business a week or so ago.
    And my stories are from my dreams, therefore usually eliminating the chance of a good or normal plot line :p
    Or ending, for that matter.
    But yes. I just wanna say you’re cool.
    Good day.

    1. Just checked out your blog and it looks great! Don’t sell yourself short just yet. And I’ve gotten numerous story ideas from dreams, though mostly just concepts, not plotlines.

      Thanks for letting me know!

      1. I’m honored that you would check out mine. I check out the blogs of anyone who comments, and if you comment regularly, I’ll even follow it and do the same to you.

      2. That sounds like a dandy arrangement. Sadly I will be too busy to do much for a while, but I already get your blogs to my email so I won’t forget about you :3

  17. Am I mixing numbers up in my scrambled head or is “Who am I? 2-4-6-0-1!” les-miserables prison #? :0 # means number NOT HASHTAG you pop-cultured peoples -_- … I hate finding blogs because then I have past posts to read (millions and millions of them) and NEVER get my work done. I am the QUEEN of that. NEVER GETTING WORK DONE…. If you ever wanna know a milllion (exaggeration- the most i could come up with is probably 10. LOL) ways to slack-off when you are supposed to be studying. Call me! I’m gen-uis at it. Or not considering the fact that i don’t study…… In fact I might write a blog post dedicated to slackers. CALLED IT BRO.

    Im not a psycho I know you aren’t my real brother 🙂

      1. I don’t believe that. Surely you can not honestly tell me that you see new music and instantly play it perfectly.

      1. No, he’s not. He just immortal… maybe like Aragorn. I know he’s not immortal, but he was like 80 in the books.

      2. So… were you doing experiments or were you born in a cabbage patch? (Are you a Cabbage Patch Doll?)

      3. A rampant squid in a cabbage patch? I think you’re making this up. I bet that you really were born in a cabbage patch. Cabbage Patch Dolls are probably immortal…

      4. You have THREE mythologies based around your hat and that has to do with how you are somehow immortal? Why does this sound like it could be a story also told by Perseus Jackson?
        You were helping your mom in the garden, when you accidently summoned a squid with the smell of the cabbage you accidently stepped on. Your hat flew off your head and fell on top of the squid, instantly killing it because it was allergic to fedoras (or whatever hat it is). The gods offered you immortality, because offfering it to a hat sounded kinda… silly. You accepted their offer.
        Or you are like Chiron, training heros for enternity. You trained the hat well.

        Am I close?

      1. Just a thought… should you choose to except, one of the rules is that you have to nominate Liam, so you’d have to nominate yourself… this sounds like a viscious sort of cycle.

      1. And that Liam is immortal, Amanda. But he’s not an elf or a vampire. And I’m fairly certain he’s not a dragon rider. Let’s see… what else is immortal that I could narrow down that he’s not?

      2. True, Robyn. Very true.

        A unicorn? But then, you’d think those would be too “girly.” 😛

      1. I can’t afford a plane ticket. That is a nice phrase “so far from the truth, you’ll need a plane to get back”… I suppose you’ve already pantented it?
        Are you some other type of mythological creature? A dwarf? A phoenix? A basilisk?

      1. I’m not sure why I don’t just accept the fact that you are Jean Valjean. You said you were. I should just stop making stuff up and face fact. (Yes, Les Miserables is moving along. It’s a little less miserable now that we are doing something besides analizing the Bishop.)

      2. I enjoy having conversations. Hard to do that with one person. I’m curious to know what the response is. And you yourself said that you would respond to comments and be put out if I didn’t respond to you. So, it’s both ways.

  18. I can’t believe I’ve found another NaNo- writer! Marvelous. I tried to get nearly everyone I know involved, but, hey, I failed.
    …So thumbs up! Also I love your blog. It was really fun to stalk.

      1. Well, actually “shall” is only correct in first person, but you could use “will”. I, like you, just like the effect.
        So yes. Grammar nerd.

      1. You either say “Indeed” back or don’t say anything, because I think it’s Liam’s way of saying the conversation has come to an end.

  19. I’m obnoxiously excited that I finally understand your Les Mis reference in the post title since I watched the movie yesterday. Someday I may try to tackle that book, but I don’t think I could just yet.

      1. Extraordinarily so. Valjean’s story is all there, though they omit the fact that the Thenardiers (innkeepers) were completely evil and not just fools as they seem. But yes, all that about Fantine and Cosette, the revolution and Marius, all that is as it was in the book. The love story between Cosette and Marius is much longer in the book, though– in the musical, it seems that they see each other once and fall into everlasting love.

  20. Welp, time to go and attempt to read through this blog from the very beginning. I feel as though you have hundreds of posts, so this may take a while.

    And yes, I got the Les Misérables reference.

  21. I like the new biography page.
    Thank you. And don’t worry about it– you’re not too hard to put up with.

  22. Stumbled upon your blog and saw the Les Mis reference in the page title, so obviously I had to follow. 😉 You seem pretty great, and I love your blog so far, so hi! Nice to (sort of) meet you.

      1. Okay, having read and absorbed most of the Head Phil’s treatise on blog manners, I reply. Why did you call yourself that? I mean, my name on Nano is weird, but I can at least explain its origins. Also it is an actual name.

      2. I call myself dragonfirehurts there because I wanted something that was slightly humorous, but not something I would be ashamed of when I got older. Sure enough, I still like it.

  23. Your blog is so interesting and entertaining. You are very talented! Also, kudos to you on keeping things clean. That is something I seldom see and very much respect and appreciate. 🙂

  24. I don’t know how I hadn’t been following your blog yet…I’ve seen it referenced a lot in Nevillegirls’ posts and others…but anyhow. You seem to be a nice person. Or elf, or sparkly vampire, or whatever. I kinda maybe read through all the comments. So you’re immortal? Interesting. Haven’t meant one before. Are you godly, or what? Did Zeus offer immortality to you after Percy declined? Are you secretly a demigod?
    I think I may be getting a little creepy here. Hope not.
    PS: I’m eviline_lunette on YWP NaNoWriMo. I may have just sent you a buddy request.
    PPS: I read your bio and noticed one of your favorite authors is Brian Jacques. May I have a moment to express my feelings that there is another Jacques fan out there? Thank you. *goes to scream in a pillow and fangirl wildly*. Actually, I think we had a conversation on this somewhere…on my blog or yours…not sure which. But still, this is a glorious day. He is amazing and NO ONE I know has read his books.
    PPS: I should probably stop now, this is getting rather long. Good day.

    1. I am not secretly a demigod, sorry to disappoint. But I’m glad you think me a nice person— I hope I’m that, at least.

      I just accepted your buddy request. I think I might remember our Brian Jacques conversation, although I can’t remember where we had it. I love his books. And I don’t mind long comments, by the way. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I see that we seem to never have figured out a better response to “Indeed” OR what exactly Liam is…

      Also, it’s really funny scrolling through some of the old comments and realizing they’re references to something which no longer exists on the page. Huh.

      1. True, but then you have to at least put that in the comment policy. “Remember I have the right to delete your thoughtful, time-consuming comments at any time.”

      2. So you’re saying none of them on this page are, even though they’re quite likely irrelevant? (Probably not, but a few are. I think.)

        All the same, I suppose it is your right to edit your own history…

      3. Oh dear…now, now; don’t do that, Robyn dear. Be nice to our venerable Head Phil. I mean, look at me. I haven’t tried to poison Quirk or start a war or destroy the Head Phil’s plans…uh, have I?

        *joins Robyn in whistling innocently*

      4. …I had to check the definition on that to be sure it meant what I thought it did. It does.

        What is the first word that comes to mind?

      5. Niiiiiice.

        Um, immortal. Or so he claims. I suspect this may be false since he refuses to at least give a type of immortal, much less prove he is such a thing.

    1. Hi there. I love guest posters, but I prefer to give guest posts to those who follow and comment often on my blog. The best way to get a guest post is to do just that— for instance, the guy who just recently guest posted has been with me for a couple years now and has been a faithful commenter for all that time. Also, I follow and enjoy his blog, which is a must if I’m going to invite anyone. In short, I’d love to invite you to guest post once I get to know you better.

      1. LIAM! I haven’t decided if I’m back or not yet! I was thinking of you and thought I’d drop by! It’s been so long! Do you have a way I can contact you?

      2. Absolutely. Most of my social medias are accessible through the sidebar on the right, as is my email— I’d love it if you emailed me. I’d really like to catch up.

  25. Finally, someone else whose loves The Count of Monte Cristo– that final letter at the end had me in shivers! I haven’t read Les Miserables, yet, but I will this summer; I hear that the writing is fantastic. Have you ever read Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley) or Till We Have Faces (by C. S. Lewis)? From what I have read about you, I think you would enjoy them.
    I hope you have a wonderful day, and thank you for your blog!

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