Okay, I know this is just what everyone else does, but who cares? I’d still like to lay down some rules faster than a cement mixer lays down… cement.

  1. You can say what you like, though please keep uncouth vocabulary and unsavory topics to a minimum. Which means, for me, nonexistent.
  2. If you comment, I will reply to it. Most likely. If I don’t, it means I either had nothing creative/funny to say or I just don’t like you. But I do like carrying on comment-conversations with people and don’t really like it when I reply and the original commenter doesn’t say anything back to me. I feel slightly put out. Put out enough to track you down and set your blog on fire. If that’s possible.
  3. If you’re a Spam-sender, please leave me alone. We all know how I’m lacking in Google keywords and I use H-tags incorrectly or whatever. And no, I won’t reply to anyone named “Best Hand Cream” or “Giftcard Deals”, and especially not anyone whose name is Cordelia, and yet has a picture of a man as an avatar.

Other than those three things, feel free to let it all loose. I specialize in Insanity Therapy, a practice where you say one thing and I build crazily off of it. Many of my friends have suddenly realized, while undergoing this therapy, that they actually do have better things to do. Just another way that I help.


19 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Hmmm…good thing I got the hang of this…I didn’t even notice this page before. I just…copied everyone else, if you know what I mean.

      1. šŸ™‚ Beware though, as I read I will most likely comment on post long forgotten. I should be called “reviver of posts long past dead”. Hehe.

  2. You really do have the thing about Cordelia in there. I thought Robyn might have just been making up that name in particular to use in your 700 followers party. Also, I am now the 1,153 follower on your blog. Oh, and this is Juliet/Wren, in case you were wondering.

      1. You can pick one name and stick with it, you know. Calling me Juliet/Wren would likely get tiring.

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