About the Phils

The Phil Phorce is an ongoing periodical story written by the author of the blog.  It contains all of the Phils (short for Philosophers, the author’s group of specialized characters– listed below) along with a few other characters.  It is meant to give the author practice in writing entertaining things, as well as a place to vent parodies and silly things.  The Phils are also a way to present blog announcements without boring the reader too much.

Here are the names and biographies of some of the Phils.

Liam, Head Phil: He is the writer of this blog and Head Phil.  He has created every Phil in this list except himself.

Quirk, Vice-Phil: Quirk is slightly self-centered and enjoys pranks. He’s paranoid, has OCD, and makes many mistakes, though he’s perfectly loyal to the cause. Most of the time. He’s the vice-Phil currently, though he may be unseated at the next election.

Isaac Phael: The protagonist of one of my longer (and unfinished) stories. He is your basic klutz, naive and general clueless person. He has a fairy godparent. His post.

Feiron: The fairy godfather of Isaac. He is one of the two active male fairies in existence, and is also the oldest fairy in existence. He is currently working to regain his good standing with the rest of his kind, after some unknown occurrences that pushed him from his perch. He is doubly cursed with being unable to shapeshift (a fairy’s best quality because their normal state is so ugly) and with being unable to tense his body, all of which keeps him in a putty-like, ugly state. His post.

Phoenix Braltar: A girl from Isaac’s story. She has the ability to set herself on fire at will and can understand firebirds. She likes music a lot. Her post.

Percival Wadsworth St. Clemenshire Barrington Tospockingtonham: The former Vice-Phil from before the Phils began. Percival has had numerous run-ins with dragons. He was born and lived most of his life on a small island in the pacific, split exactly in half by the International Date Line. This makes things rather confusing, as one half of the island is tomorrow while the other half is still yesterday. Percival is a genius. His post.

Gologer: A large, sunset-colored, extremely stinky dragon who is one of Percival’s greatest supporters. He has three children: Hark, Sue and Alex. Percival can understand what Gologer says for some reason that he cannot comprehend. Along with being a Phil, Gologer is also on “The Committee”, a dragon council of some sort that doesn’t do much of anything. His post, translated by Percival.

Sebase: A traveling player from Wise, my NaNo novel. He likes bathing in breathable, purple gelatinous masses. He rarely has something to say unless he thinks it’s clever. People don’t always agree with that verdict, however. His post.

Captain Phume: A retired army captain, also from Wise. His cape is ripped, his breastplate is rusty, but his helmet is shiny enough to make a clean mirror jealous. He excels at driving on the wrong side of the road in the dark without lights. He will tell you five different ways he thinks he lost his eyebrows. His post.

The old lady: She is not based off anyone I know. She only has one line of one word in Isaac’s tale, though she also gets a special mention in Wise. She may feature in other stories, but I’m not certain of that quite yet.

Steve: A ping pong ball of uncertain age, gifted with a mouth which he regularly uses for not-so-nice purposes.

Sam: A brother ping pong ball to Steve, also gifted with a mouth, but with a better temperament.


18 thoughts on “About the Phils

  1. these guys are so cool! there aren’t any girls tho… -_-
    anyway, this is a cool website!! i do nano too (that’s how i found you)
    i’m animalpaw316
    i think we’re writing buddies

  2. ah yes. i miss-counted. well they all sound fabulous. especially the dragon. i love dragons.

    may the words be with you always

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