Ducks, Explosions, and Ducking Explosions – TCWT

So in fact I was just about ready to write an apologetic post about how I couldn’t fulfill my promise for a TCWT July blog chain post, when suddenly I realized that the time I spent writing that post could actually be used to write the promised post and none would be the wiser (except that I’m writing this introduction).  Truth be told, I hadn’t given this post a thought since I signed up, except for a few moments of heart-stopping panic when I thought I had already missed the date.  I thought I had no characters to use; I thought I had no ideas for it.  Then I remembered my cardinal rule.  The cardinal rule of writing is this: when you can’t think of anything to do next, add a duck or some explosions.  Preferably both.  Following that logic, I wrote my therapy session with the one duck character I have, who coincidentally also explodes from time to time.  Allow me to introduce the stellar, the scintillating, the slightly bald Mack! Continue reading “Ducks, Explosions, and Ducking Explosions – TCWT”